laser hair removal

Normally, when individuals think of laser hair removal, they only consider the incredible, and long-standing results. The complications involved are usually overlooked. Even with all the latest advancements that have been made in cosmetic procedures, it has many facets of risk such as a simple practitioner’s fault. Anyhow, millions of skincare treatments are carried out each year, and most without adverse events. While this is usually the case, but we surely cannot overlook the dangers associated with them. Through this post, you will get to know does laser treatment in Dubai have any side-effects on the skin and if yes, then what are they.

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There are many cosmetic surgery centers offering laser skin care treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah so you have to be very careful while choosing the clinic for your laser appointment.

Laser treatments are a range of procedures that restore the glow and health of the skin. In general, laser offers cosmetic benefits, but it actually can be used for some medical reasons too such as to improve vision, to repair back pain, and to reverse the symptoms of cancer. Whatever the purpose, the decision to get this type of cosmetic treatment should never be made without proper consideration for all the aspects related to it. It is always recommended to review the risks and rewards in advance.


Generally, patients encounter skin redness following laser procedures, especially laser hair removal. It’s however the most common complication, occurring in an average of one percent of patients. So if you are one of them, please don’t panic. This will fully disappear within a week.


This also is one of the most common issues related to laser procedures. It is normal for the lasered area to swell immediately after the treatment. However, this type of swelling will not persist for a long time. Besides, you can utilize steroids in the affected region to let this side-effect subside fairly quickly.

Scabs & bruising

Scabs are more likely to occur in females than in males. Besides, laser treatment can also lead to mild skin bruising in some patients. Although it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of scabs and bruising completely, a number of things can be done to reduce these two potential risks. This may include;

  1. Choose an appropriate skin expert for this treatment. The success of any treatment greatly relies on the skills of the practitioner, so you have to select the best person for this job too. Select the one with extensive experience, good reputation, mainly a person who has been recommended to you by a previous patient who has been satisfied with the results.
  2. Consider pre and post-operative instructions. Discuss with your doctor what to do and what not to do before & after the treatment. In this way, you can increase the chance of incredible results.


It is very important that the person who is getting laser treatment know all of the side-effects. Skin infection is rare but at the same time, an extremely important one. In order to reduce the chances of infection, it is essential to keep the lasered area clean, dry, and away from UV rays.

Potentially Huge Costs

Laser treatment is not a cheap thrill in any way. It costs hundreds of thousands of dirhams, and the figures continue to go up with the number of sessions, the experience of the doctor, and the complexity of the procedure. Furthermore, you will likely need a week from work to fully recover from the procedure.

Typically, ablative lasers take weeks for the skin to fully heal while non-ablative lasers require just three to four days to come back to a normal state. 

Psychological damage

Those who consider laser treatment run the risk of distress after they have attended their laser appointment. And for this reason, they often go back to the clinic to reverse the results obtained previously. Besides, when the patient achieves effects other than those desired, they get pissed off at the doctor.


The takeaway. The benefits and risks of this type of skin care treatment are high for individuals.

But unquestionably, successful laser treatment can result in an increase in self-confidence. Think of a woman, who as a teenager was mocked for her dull skin stopped meeting people until she was finally able to have her skin non-surgically rejuvenated.

In addition, laser treatments can improve the quality of life too. This typically targets those whose treatments have been carried for medical reasons such as to improve vision or to treat pain.

While it is okay to encounter side-effects after laser treatment but they should be completely subsided within a week. That means you need to contact the doctor immediately if the negative effects persist for too long.