How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Custom Poly Mailer Bag Designs

Custom Poly Mailer Bag

Are you a new business that’s already shipping out high volumes of soft goods, then you may want to begin changing up your poly mailer designs to keep the packaging look slick, alluring, and cost-effective at the same time? Using custom poly mailer bags is a durable, light, and cost-effective format to getting high volumes of your product shipped out in a safe manner. 

However, if you keep using non-custom poly mailer bags, it may get the job done but will play no part in increasing the benefits of acting as an advertisement to garner more sales in the coming months. 

Here are some ways to think about inspiring your customers to purchase more using these tips that make custom poly mailer bags worth every bit of its existence for your company: 

  • Matte texture adds to the softness 

While bulk buying poly mailer bags, it is important to consider the texture. Investing in matte custom poly mailer bags is a great bet. It is far softer to touch and gives off a subdued look as opposed to non-matte custom poly mailer bags. They do easily complement your soft products such as swimsuits and clothing items. Although glossy custom poly mailer bags look particularly shinier, they do also add to the durability factor as they have an extra coating of protection. 

  • Become Social 

Poly mailer bags are extremely popular. From advertising products to custom wedding favors, they are used in many ways. If you opt to keep the glossy finish custom poly mailer bags as your option of poly maile bags, you could use the glossy finish to its advantage and let your online voice direct your offline voice as well, reminding customers what the company stands for. Ensure to use this opportunity to direct people back to you online, and they can find you when in search of service or goods that you cater to or sell.

  • Ensure Logo is Secondary

Up until now, those who use custom poly mailer bags place their logos out front, however, by embracing the idea of not placing their logo front and center. Instead, by opting for an all-natural ethos and providing it with wood textures all over, the logo could become a humble background, and the design could be the highlight of your branding. 

  • Ensure to Embrace the Journey

Most often than not, when customers know the story behind your company, they are more likely to remain your customer. They do feel an instant connection to the brand and then want to remain loyal to the brand as a result of this connection established through the story on the custom poly mailer bags the company uses. 

  • Add in a Label

Convert the background of your custom poly mailer bags to seem like a backdrop to your company label. This adds a layered aesthetic to your custom poly mailer bags and makes them look extremely chic and beautiful. 

By implementing these tips on your custom poly mailer bags, you can get the most out of your poly mailer bag designs and capitalize on them as a marketing opportunity. 

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