Cultural Significance of an Engagement Ceremony in London

Engagement rings

The engagement is considered to be an important ceremony in a couple’s life. In the Victorian era, engagement is considered the important phase in order to get married. From the ancient days, people are following the engagement prior to their marriage. Engagement is actually considered as the promise made by the groom-to-be to the bride-to-be for their marriage. In those days, the girl can sue him if he absconded after the engagement. It was almost considered as the legal promise made by the groom-to-be. From ancient times to modern days, couples are conducting engagement ceremonies. But the traditions have evolved a little with time. Some of the methods that are followed in the olden days are not followed by modern couples. 

The purpose of the engagement ceremony is the act of revealing or announcing to the public that they are going to get married. Some people prefer to keep their engagement private. There are some basic engagement etiquettes that people follow from the past. Some of them are the father of the bride-to-be walks in with her at first, the initial speech is given by the bride’s father. The groom-to-be proposes the bride-to-be with a diamond ring with kneeling down on one knee. After the girl accepts his proposal, he put the ring on her finger. Usually, the engagement ring is worn on the left-hand(on the third finger) but there are people who like to wear it on their right hand as well.

Most couples celebrate their wedding ceremony within one year of their engagement. Traditionally, the man proposes to the woman but today the woman is happy to initiate the engagement. If it is same-sex marriage, the dominant partner usually proposes the other one. The engagement ceremony is seen as the occasion to introduce the close circle of bride and groom to each other. The reason why the engagement ring is worn on the third finger is that the third finger is believed that connects to the heart.

The important thing when it comes to engagement is the engagement ring. The engagement ring is the dream ring for a girl but in the past, it was common in some places to get engaged without a ring. To purchase engagement ring London, the Hatton Garden is the place you can reach out to. In some cases, the man proposes to her with a temporary ring. After that, they both go together to select the engagement ring. You can find your engagement ring according to your exact budget range in hatton garden jewellers London. The usual pattern of the engagement ring is the solitaire ring at the center with small-sized diamonds surrounding it to make it appear as a typical engagement ring. The center solitaire can be of any color ranging from yellow color, honey color, pink color, or even blue-colored diamonds. The colored diamonds are expensive than the normal colored diamond. New generation couples are opting for the gemstone at the center instead of diamonds. 

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