Changes You Will See In Upcoming Refrigerators

Changes You Will See In Upcoming Refrigerators

Refrigerators have, since long, upheld their position as an essential home appliance for every family. Nonetheless, with innovation and the population’s continuous intent to improve current living standards, refrigerators are no longer considered a mere home and kitchen appliance. Collectively, such factors have pushed manufacturers to launch refrigerators that not only help preserve food but possess a myriad of utilities courtesy constant innovation.

In India, brands like Godrej fridge have already revolutionised this home appliance market with its ‘stay cool technology’ and anti-rust ZOP tech. As more individuals are now inclining towards designer kitchens, one can expect innovation in terms of looks, design, and style of refrigerators in the upcoming years. 

5 Upcoming refrigerator trends to check

Here is a list of trends that are about to enter the market soon –


  • Refrigerators with glass door


In the last few years, transparent food storage has become more mainstream, as more companies are trying to incorporate the same into their design. It enhances the aesthetics of the kitchen and helps to check the main content of the fridge without opening it. 


  • Efficient air filters


Almost every household is troubled with ethylene emission from fruits in their fridge that prompts rotting of vegetables faster than normal. This problem is soon expected to get sorted out as leading companies plan to roll out fridges with air filters. Such features will help remove ethylene and other gases as well. This will help fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a long time, eliminating pungent residue odour in the machine.


  • Fast ice-making refrigerators


The USP of most refrigerators is its inbuilt ice making feature. However, in recent years the same feature has undergone several upgrades to produce ice in the best possible way.

In the coming months, one can expect refrigerators that produce ice much faster and of higher quality. For instance, some brands like Bosch series may also launch refrigerators that produce as much as 12 pounds of freshly filtered ice daily. 

Brands like LG have been making headlines for production of sphere-shaped ice which is ideal for a cocktail bar.  Such innovation also helps to keep drinks cool for a long period.


  • AI based fridges


Innovation-friendly brands like Samsung and LG plan to integrate AI into their upcoming fridge models. With this feature, one may expect to stay alert about the expiry of food ingredients, maintain an inventory of available stock and help generate a shopping list. Other than that, such innovation may also suggest recipes based on available ingredients.


  • Smart features 


In the upcoming refrigerator models, including the Godrej fridges, one may find smart features like – machine diagnostics and notification alert systems about malfunctioning or improper storage. This will help individuals understand the problem easily and save them an unnecessary call to the technician. 

It is a given that such advanced technology will be made immediately available to the best refrigerators in the premium segment. Though it may prove quite expensive for most individuals, Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card users can utilise the pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh to purchase a high-end refrigerator

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Be it Godrej fridge or some other high-end appliance, individuals should factor in other specs before they decide to purchase any latest tech-based refrigerator. It will help to understand the performance of the product and allow them to maximise benefits effectively.