Ceramic Tiles For Wall And Floor Tiles

Elegant, practical, versatile, and eco-compatible ceramic tiles, the oldest material invented by man, are today the most innovative wall tiles and flooring with tiles visualizer. It is constantly evolving, both in terms of aesthetics and scope. Thanks to advanced technology, it is offered in numerous formats, colors, decorations, and surfaces to adapt to all the demands of modern architecture: commercial and industrial spaces, urban furniture, and exterior cladding.

Regarding the domestic environment, its quality of durability, practicality in maintenance, color stability, and durability of the decorations make ceramic material indispensable not only in the bathroom and in the kitchen, where it traditionally predominates, but also in other environments. home, as it is far superior to other types of cladding materials. Ceramic tiles give perfect homogeneity to the surfaces, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, since they resist low temperatures, they are applicable for renovation, since having a thickness of a few millimeters, they can be placed on any pre-existing surface.

Mini or extra-large

The main novelty of modern ceramic tiles lies in the variety of new formats. The market offer, increasingly flexible and diversified, starts with small elements with a centimeter on a side and ends with extra-large tiles in large formats (400×400 mm, 1200×1200 mm to 2400×2400 mm), including a wide range of shapes and proportions capable of covering any design requirement.

The tile that reproduces the color tones and the irregular surface of the stone is becoming more and more popular: from travertine to ardesia and granite, interpreted in earth colors, pebbles, sand, and ivory. Gray is offered in all shades, including trendy new shades with “eloquent” names: taupe, silt, tundra. Ideal for creating austere, quiet, and minimalist spaces that express a concept: remove rather than add. It is used for flooring in commercial establishments, in urban lofts, and country houses, and is loved by the public who actively perceive the theme of ecology, sustainable architecture, and environmental protection.


The desire to experiment creates new products that combine the refined aesthetics of materials, sources of inspiration, with the best performance in terms of practicality. For example, a tile that mimics a tree, in which the veins and the type of laying are reproduced, including a herringbone; or the effect of the skin is not only an external resemblance but also a tactile sensation; or a fabric in which the pattern and the fabric are repeated as if it came from the most exclusive weaving workshops; or the effect of a bronze, achieving a rich splendor of the surface; or a metallic effect: shiny, satin or grainy.

These ceramic tiles manufacturer companies create the perfect setting for modern high-tech furniture. It is the result of new ultra-modern processing technologies, research, and collaboration of the best designers.

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Textures and decorations

The surfaces are glazed, polished, semi-polished, vibrating with reflections and creating a cheerful atmosphere; the surfaces are embossed, wavy, rough, come to life under the rays of light and give rise to the play of light and shadow; the surfaces are etched, carved, cut, reminiscent of old engravings and at the same time strikingly similar to bright fiber optic beams. Surfaces so rich in decoration that they make the wall the protagonist. From evocative geometries of Mondrian paintings to optical lines in the style of the 60s, from floral arabesques that imitate damask fabrics to exotic motifs that speak of distant cultures, from stylized graphics borrowed from pop art to precious jewels imitating old styles of tiles: polka dots, lines, romantic flowers, delicate lace, bright spots.

An infinite palette of colors: from a thousand shades of blue, traditional for the Mediterranean, to rich shades of orange, pink, coral, from snow white to captivating black that does not fade, combined with gold and silver. Sanitaryware tiles

An abundance of proposals that even haute couture collections can envy. The potential of expressive media is unlimited, with their help any room can become unique and confirm the creative and innovative priority of ceramic products.