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inject Botox

What Happens if You Inject Botox

BOTOX. This anti-ageing booster is usual to get around the 50s. But its post-happenings are still unseen to some individuals. Here’re what exactly happens when your body receives Botox! To reveal the hidden realities of Botox’s first appointment, I have written this post for you. It will help a lot in knowing precise Botox doses …

Facial Nerve Damage

Can Botox Cause Facial Nerve Damage

Botox is an ideal age-rewind. But its side effects can harm. Everyone holds different concepts regarding this treatment. However it’s certainly approved for both medical and cosmetic problems but when we get it for facial wrinkles, some queries arise like. Can Botox cause facial nerve damage in Dubai? Is it safe? Such kind of doubts …

PRP treatments

How Many PRP Treatments Needed For Face

Curious to know the secret behind younger-looking skin in even 50s? Be aware that there is no other healthier solution than PRP. It’s the choice of millions of people all over the world, due to its guaranteed results with no side effects. Beyond any doubt, PRP is the latest skin care treatment. It enhances the …

FUE hair transplant

Professional FUE Hair Transplant

Men and women both suffer from hair loss. It can be prevented in many ways but when this hair fall turns into baldness, Hair Transplant remains the only solution! Every year millions of people get a hair transplant and grasp satisfactory results. Hence, this is the leading reason behind its success. To get a Hair …

Botox Injections

Does Botox Injections Have Side Effects

Going for BOTOX? Get ready for its SIDE EFFECTS! Everyone has heard this phrase once in their life. Indeed, the majority isn’t aware of the actual Botox side effects. So let’s answer this query in detail “Does Botox injections have any side effects?” Botox Injections are primarily used for diminishing wrinkles. In addition to that, …