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Bike Shoes

All You Need To Know About Cycling Shoes

Although you can ride a bike in any shoe, those who ride regularly can benefit tremendously from shoes built specifically for this sport. Unlike usual athletic shoes, bicycle shoes have stiffer holes, allowing better energy transfer while pedalling. Ideally, cyclists should look for cycling shoes that are light and comfortable and can handle the most challenging terrain. …


How to Cope with Weight Gain

Weight gain is something that all of us may face at some stage of our lives, regardless of how much we exercise and diet. There are many reasons why you may have gained weight in recent times, whether it be because of ill health, pregnancy, or overconsumption. It’s natural to grow disappointed and have a …

fashion children clothing

Great Fashion Styling Tips For your Child

Dressing and styling children can be hard work to say the least. Some children are relatively care-free when it comes to clothing and are happy to wear whatever items of clothing you put their way. However, this is not the case for all children as some are particularly fussy or are just hard to buy …