Can Botox Cause Facial Nerve Damage

Facial Nerve Damage

Botox is an ideal age-rewind. But its side effects can harm.

Everyone holds different concepts regarding this treatment. However it’s certainly approved for both medical and cosmetic problems but when we get it for facial wrinkles, some queries arise like.

Can Botox cause facial nerve damage in Dubai? Is it safe?

Such kind of doubts has been revolving around for years. In actual people don’t even know whether they’re true or not and they start believing in it. To clear such fears, misconceptions, and fake theories we have written this article for you. It will help you in knowing actual side effects along with the reality of facial nerve damage. Please proceed for a better understanding.

The image we’re having in our minds regarding Botox is simply pleasant. Celebrities in movies appear perfectly adorable so it’s hard to believe that Botox holds risks. Yet it’s true to some extent. Before we get into the details of its side effects, let’s take a closer look at Botox. What actual it’s and from which product it’s composed of. Botox in Dubai 

About Botox

Botox is basically a brand name. It’s composed of Botulinum toxin substance which is relatively found safe to use on facial muscle or even other body parts too. The working mechanism for treating wrinkles is simply possible through its muscle relaxation strategy.

What’s happens after a facial nerve injury?

Facial nerve injury weakens one or both sides of the face. While facing this condition you might lose your facial expressions and it would be difficult to eat, drink, and communicate clearly. Its early diagnosis can save you from severe complications.

Many people assume that Facial nerve damage can be a result of Botox. To know the reality behind this concept please scroll a bit.

Can Botox cause facial nerve damage?

Till now a very few people have gone through damaged facial nerve after Botox. This certainly only happens when your doctor isn’t an expert in this field and injects the false Botox dose at the wrong facial site. Please be aware of your injector’s proficiency and also his/her understanding of your beauty needs and present medical condition.

Nerve damage is only seen when your doctor isn’t an expert or when you’re not fit for this procedure. Most likely it’s not for those who’re a victim of irregular muscle contractions or especially pregnant or lactating women.

Can Botox cause facial nerve damage in Dubai?

If Botox is done correctly by a skilled dermatologist then definitely there would be zero chance of nerve damage or any other undesirable happening. This is why every well-reputed clinic grasps the 100% success rate of Botox. Besides if you’re living in Dubai then consider the Dynamic clinic as they’re the leading provider of UAE’s best Botox from professional consultants. 

How to treat this damage?

Most patients get recovered from this in the most initial days as nerve damage gradually improves itself. But in case if no improvement is seen in the first two days then seeking medical help becomes mandatory. A trained therapist may help you in recovering muscle functions through plenty of exercises and further other treatments.

We all know that Botox can host a variety of medical conditions. Indeed, the surprising reality in this concept is that Botox can also treat facial nerve damage. Its correct injection dose can help in overcoming the irregular expressions, traumas, impaired swelling, or many other terrible realities caused due to facial nerve damage. It relaxes the over activeness of muscles and makes it possible to bring back the lost facial expressions.

Performing Botox treatment for facial nerve damage isn’t easy art. The doctor should be expert enough in doing such practices.

Vial Side effects of Botox

One of the common side effects of Botox is muscle weakness but that doesn’t mean nerve damage. Just keep yourself informed weakness caused by Botox is temporary.

In the ordinary cases, you might go through from,

  • Change in voice
  • Poor eyelid closure
  • Double vision

The best thing about Botox

The most satisfactory point about Botox is that its side effects are also treatable through its some dose. No matter whether it’s a headache or even nerve damage, its correct injection can provide you secured comfort from such apprehensions.

Nowadays, almost every clinic is offering Botox injections but that doesn’t mean they all are trustworthy. Please ensure their license, doctors’ experience, and current success rate before you decide anything.

Let’s conclude

Botox is worldwide accepted as the solution for growing age. Along with this, it can also treat plenty of medical problems like sweating, abnormal muscle drops, and many others. Its wrong injection can result in facial nerve problems but cannot damage it completely. Typically facial nerve is damaged due to infection, or any injury. Luckily this problem is also easily tackled through Botox. Its specified dose on some directed site can help straightaway.

Can Botox cause facial nerve damage in Dubai?

This article provided an answer to this query in detail. In case you still hold any misconceptions, please visit the nearest consultant or Dynamic clinic, as they’re the leading provider of the best Botox injections in Dubai.