Camel Milk Autism: How Does It Really Help

Camel Milk

Extensive studies suggest camel milk has potential therapeutic effects in autism. Oxidative stress has a key role in autism spectrum disorder (ASD); the beverage’s consumption decreases oxidative stress biomarkers in autistic children by targeting antioxidant enzymes. Also, camel milk for autism helps in improving autistic behavior. 

In Kuwait, raw camel milk is a remedy for kids who don’t speak. Two American mothers, who used camel milk from the Middle East for their autistic kids, say that the beverage offered positive outcomes. 

Although the world has become familiar with the benefits of camel milk as an autism natural cure lately, several communities in Asia and the Middle East have been consuming the beverage for centuries. Cultures like nomadic largely depend on the milk type for essential nutrients. 

Today, camel milk is produced commercially and sold in many countries. In addition to being a safe milk replacement for people with milk allergies, the beverage has been garnering international attention as a potential therapy in ASD.

Camel Milk for Autism

There isn’t a single cause of autism. As per research, there could be more than one factor connected to the condition, and they include immune responses, genetics, and the environment.  

Usually, people with autism have food intolerances. When they consume something that their immune system does not support, their immune system gets affected.  It further may lead to inflammation, headaches, rashes, etc. 

According to several studies in the recent past, camel milk is a safe, healthy option for people with lactose intolerance and allergies from milk. It is because camel milk has less lactose than cow’s milk. Also, the beverage features a different protein profile, which is considered to be better than other milk types. 

There are studies suggesting that camel milk helps boost immunity. It has proteins like lactoferrin and immunoglobulins that make the beverage beneficial for the immune system. 

Science-backed Evidence Supporting Camel Milk for Autism 

Christina Adams, author of Camel Crazy: A Quest for Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels, has revealed in her book how camel milk helped her autistic kid. In her story, she revealed her journey to different parts of the world in search of camel milk.

Camel Milk Autism

Another author, Zeba Khan from the US, backed Adams’ claims. 

Apart from the two mothers, a number of studies have been conducted in the recent past to understand camel milk as a natural cure for autism. One of them was conducted in 2015 with an aim to learn the nutritional and therapeutic characteristics of camel milk in Children.  

The study involved 65 children aged between two and 12 years with an autism spectrum disorder. They were given camel milk for two weeks. The results showed improvements in autistic behavioral symptoms, which weren’t noticed in individuals who didn’t consume the beverage or chose cow’s milk over it.  

Another study called camel milk a natural therapy to use as an antioxidant for autistic children. As per the study findings, the beverage holds the potential to decrease oxidative stress by targeting and altering antioxidant enzymes and improving autistic behavior.  

Consuming Camel Milk for Autism

As per research, camel milk is an ideal solution for autistic individuals with food intolerances. There is a link between autism and the immune system, and the beverage can play a key role in boosting the immune system and helping it preserve the body against foreign ailments. 

Camel milk for autism is not a magical cure, and there are several studies and stories that back it to treat various symptoms of autism. Based on the evidence, the beverage can be added to an autistic individual’s daily routine to reap its benefits. 

Today, camel milk is sold commercially. It is available in several regions of the world. If you do not find a source for genuine camel milk, you can get camel milk powder online from a trusted source and convert it into a beverage. 

In the End

In addition to using camel milk for autism, people drink the beverage for its nutrients, ability to lower the sugar levels, and strengthen brain functions. If you want to know more about camel milk and its benefits, visit Here, you learn in detail about the beverage, its benefits, and recipes to use it.