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Blintzes are a refreshing crepe-like pancake that is the perfect breakfast for any occasion! The cream cheese and ricotta filling is irresistible and topped with a sweet berry sauce, this breakfast dish is the ultimate crowd-pleaser!

I love fun breakfast recipes because you can have so many different things for breakfast. Sweet or savory, filling or light. Whatever the occasion and flavor you are in the mood for, I have the recipes for you! You’ve got to try this easy Breakfast Casserole, these super tasty Breakfast Enchiladas, and one of my favorites, this Incredible Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake.

Cheese Blintz

If you are wondering what blintzes are, I’m so excited to introduce it to you! They are a breakfast game changer that I know you are going to love. They are traditionally a Jewish dish. Blintzes taste a lot like a crepe but are a little thicker and are always filled with something. Most of the time you will see them filled with a cheese mixture as we did here.

They have a similar flavor to a pancake, but I like them way more! It might be because they remind me of stuffed French toast, which I can’t get enough of. I also love that you can switch up the flavors to really make them your own. You can also top blintzes with fresh fruit or any kind of sauce or jam you like. I’ve loved every way I’ve made them!


Blintzes are such a delicious breakfast! You can make them with crepe batter, and stuff them with whatever you like. Here are the ingredients for blintzes the way that I like them best. You can find the exact measurments below in the recipe card.

Full-Fat Ricotta Cheese: I love ricotta cheese, it is so rich and creamy! It works great in this dish.Full-Fat Cream Cheese: Full fat has more flavor and works perfectly in this filling!Granulated Sugar: Your pantry sugar will work great.Egg: I always use large grade A eggs in my recipes. You won’t be cooking the egg, so if you are uncomfortable with a raw egg in the filling you could add a banana instead, or leave the egg out of the recipe.Vanilla Extract: Vanilla extract adds a nice flavor to the cheese, and it helps to bring out all the other flavors in the filling.Crepes: I have a crepe recipe linked below in the recipe card that you will follow to make the crepes for these blintzes. Once you have the crepes made, then you can fill them with your cream cheese batter.

Blintz Recipe

Blintzes are so yummy, and they are super fun to put together! They are a great dish to make with friends and family for breakfast, brunch, or anytime at all! I even like them as an afternoon snack. This cheese blintzes recipe is going to be your new family favorite, I just know it!

Mix: In a medium size bowl, add the ricotta, cream cheese, and sugar. Mix with an electric hand mixer or a whisk ( or food processor) until combined.Add Egg: Add the egg, and vanilla extract, and mix until everything is incorporated.Refrigerate: Cover and refrigerate while you prepare the crepes.Make Crepes: Prepare the crepes according to the recipe.Add Filling: To assemble the blintzes, spread about ¼ cup of filling in the middle of the side of the crepe closest to you. Fold each side in to cover the filling, then gently roll the blintz up like a burrito.Enjoy: Serve with jam and berries and enjoy!

Bake Your Blintzes

Traditional blintzes are baked after they are stuffed with the filling. If you would like to finish your blintzes off in the oven, you will not be disappointed! The filling gets warm and SO delicious. Here is how to finish the blintzes.

In the Oven: Put your stuffed and rolled blintzes on a sheet pan and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Then remove from the oven and allow them to cool for a bit before putting on your jam or compote and enjoy!

Variations of Blintzes

Blintzes can be so many delicious flavors! Just imagine what you would like on your pancakes or French toast, and I promise you will love those same toppings on your blintz. Here are a few suggestions that I think you would love!

Add Chocolate: This is a no-brainer in my opinion. Chocolate and cream cheese were made to be together! You can add a chocolate ganache on top of your blintz instead of a jam to make it more like a dessert.Choose Your Jam: I love to use whatever I have on hand. I try to make jam in the fall when all of the fruit is really fresh and ripe, and so my favorite jams to go on top are strawberry and peach jam. It is also amazing with blackberry jam, blueberry jam, and raspberry jam! I’ve even heard of putting applesauce on top.Add to the Filling: The great thing about the cheese filling is that you can really add so many different flavors. You could even use sour cream in place of the cream cheese to make it more savory. You could add fresh blueberries or a blueberry sauce to make a beautiful purple colored filling. Maple syrup adds sweetness and flavor that I really love. A strawberry compote added would be incredible! Lemon juice or lemon zest is a great way to brighten it up. If you do add lemon juice, I would also add a little melted butter to balance the flavors. The cheese has salt in it, which makes it the perfect pair for any sweet additions you want.

Storing Leftovers

Fresh blintzes last about a day, so I recommend freezing them if you need to make a lot of them or make them ahead of time! Here is how to store your leftover blintzes.

In the Refrigerator: You can store your cooked blintzes in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two days. They will not be as good after the first day so I recommend eating them fresh.In the Freezer: You can make this recipe up until you pour the sauce on top, and freeze the rolled up blinztes in an airtight container or wrapped in plastic wrap. They will last about 3 months in the freezer. When you are ready to eat them, put the frozen blintzes on a sheet pan and bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes until warmed through. Then add sauce and enjoy!

Other Breakfast Recipes to TryBreakfast is my favorite meal! The best part about it is it’s whatever you want it to be. It could be leftovers, or practically dessert! I’m not going to judge, but what I am going to do is share some of my all time favorite breakfast recipes that you just have to try.

In a medium size bowl, add the ricotta, cream cheese, and sugar. Mix with an electric handmixer until combined. Add the egg, vanilla extract, and mix until everything is incorporated.Cover and refrigerate while you prepare the crepes.Prepare the crepes according to the recipe.To assemble the blintzes, spread about ¼ cup of filling in the middle of the side of the crepe closest to you. Fold each side in to cover the filling, then gently roll the blintz up like a burrito.Serve with jam and berries and enjoy!

Serves: 12
Serving1blintzCalories107kcal (5%)Carbohydrates6g (2%)Protein3g (6%)Fat8g (12%)Saturated Fat5g (25%)Polyunsaturated Fat0.4gMonounsaturated Fat2gTrans Fat0.002gCholesterol38mg (13%)Sodium74mg (3%)Potassium42mg (1%)Sugar5g (6%)Vitamin A319IU (6%)Calcium42mg (4%)Iron0.1mg (1%)
All nutritional information is based on third party calculations and is only an estimate. Each recipe and nutritional value will vary depending on the brands you use, measuring methods and portion sizes per household.

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