Knowledge of English has become an integral part of a successful career, business, communication with foreign friends and partners. A school course, as a rule, is not enough, so it is recommended to work on the language yourself, using online resources.

All these methods have their advantages with the correct organization of the educational process. We provide guidelines on how to best learn English that works for all levels.

Set goals for yourself

Most of us need English for certain activities. Therefore, you need to set yourself specific tasks that increase the motivation to learn.

Work regularly

The main thing in learning English is the formation of skills and abilities in listening, reading, speaking and writing. For this, it is not enough to learn the rules and remember new words and phrases, you need to be able to use them in practice when communicating.

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Building skills and abilities is a long-term process. To know does not mean to be able. In order not to experience difficulties with the selection of grammatical structures and the right words, it is necessary to train skills regularly, preferably every day for at least 20-30 minutes.

Learning a language involves repeating what has already been learned on a regular basis, as we all tend to forget what we knew before.

It is not necessary to work on the language and its structures only in the strictly allotted time. You can use every free minute: in transport, at leisure, at lunchtime at work.

Expand your vocabulary

So that you do not have to “go into your pocket for a word” every time, learn new words and expressions every day. For this, reading books, working with sites, watching films will help. New words can be written on cards for better memorization and to clarify their meaning in the dictionary.

Study online

Today the network has a huge number of sites and programs that help develop foreign language skills. On useful resources, you can download authentic study materials, take tests that will show your level and the gaps where you still need to work.

How effective is self-study of English? Much depends on the level of organization of a person, his age, motivation, and tasks. Many of you are aware of cases of successful mastery of the language by colleagues or friends who worked on their own.

However, this path has many disadvantages. When you study on your own, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to fully communicate, consult on emerging issues, and also cannot be sure of the correct organization of the educational process.

Sign up for courses

Thus, one of the top tips for learning English is to find good courses taught by qualified professionals with experience.

Benefits of learning English on courses:

  • ample opportunities for communication with like-minded people;
  • training is conducted using modern teaching methods;
  • an immediate and lively classroom atmosphere contributes to the creation of a full-fledged language environment;
  • develops the ability to work in a team and be creative in their learning;
  • competition with other students acts as an incentive to quickly master the material;
  • great language practice, the opportunity to get advice from a teacher.

Classes in English courses are held in small groups, which allows the teacher to pay attention to each student and take into account their individual interests and needs.

One of the forms of work for the more advanced level is participation in a conversation club. Here you can hone your speech skills, get great practice, take part in discussions and discussions, find new friends or partners.

You can enroll in English courses at any age; there are separate groups for children, adolescents, adults, those who plan to learn the language from scratch.

“Conversation English By The English App”

If you have a desire to improve your speaking skills and do not always have time to visit conversation clubs, we offer a modern application “Conversation English By The English App”, designed specifically for speaking practice. With the help of this program, you can study about 200 idioms and phraseological units, improve your speaking and communication skills, and also be able to adapt to authentic speech, since each lesson includes not only learning new words and phrases but also listening to texts and dialogues.

 Preparation for international exams in English

If you want to make sure that your level of language proficiency matches your ambitions, or you have plans to study or work abroad, take the opportunity to obtain an international certificate. To do this, you need to pass an exam that confirms your level.

Exam scores at various levels for both children (YLE) and adults are recognized worldwide. This provides an excellent opportunity for employment or study at a prestigious university, as well as raises personal self-esteem and serves as an excellent indicator of your business qualities.