Benefits and Tips of Hiring an Aerial Video-graphy Company

aerial filming company

In the past, the aerial footage video was captured by hiring a helicopter and a licensed pilot. This process was highly exorbitant for many movie makers. It was only accessible to successful movie makers with a massive marketing budget. Nowadays, shooting from helicopters and planes has become effortless with professional aerial videographers’ help. Hence, hiring an aerial filming company can be beneficial to many of your projects and businesses. So, you can continue reading and get to know the benefits. After that, you can gain some tips on hiring the best aerial videography company.

What are the benefits of hiring an aerial videography company?

You can use aerial videography for many recreational and commercial purposes. There are many advantages of hiring an aerial filming company, which you can read below.

  1. Attain full HD quality videos in a bird’s eye view: One of the prime benefits of hiring an aerial videography company is that you can attain full HD quality videos for your projects. Due to the innovations in technology, professionals can capture images and videos in 4K resolution and higher. You can ensure that the quality won’t be sacrificed. Well, getting a birds eye’s view perspective might not be your expertise, but you can definitely depend upon the professionals. They will be able to take videos from a ground level or ground-based platform. Moreover, they can provide you with some perfect shots that the drones can’t capture.
  2. Saves time: In the past, to obtain aerial footage, it was necessary to book a helicopter or a fixed-wing plane and get permission from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia to shoot at a particular location. Thanks to the filming company, things have gotten a lot easier. They have all the permissions required for shooting at a specific location, and you don’t have to waste your time searching for a helicopter or plane. Since they have all the equipment, you don’t have to go looking for anything. 
  3. Save money: Hiring professionals will allow you to spend less compared to renting a helicopter and a licensed pilot. After all, you might have to rent different equipment for some picturesque shots as well, which can cost you an arm or leg. The professionals will ensure that all the footage is obtained within your budget and at a stipulated time. 

How do you choose an aerial videography company?

 Searching for an aerial filming company in Australia can be challenging. Hence, you require to learn some tips like the ones below, which can help you choose the best.  

  1. Discuss meeting the deadlines: When you hire an aerial videography company, it is crucial to discuss meeting the deadlines. Generally, many companies have a crew or team that researches the different shooting locations. But you must make sure that they book them well in advance. After all, the locations can be booked by other filmmakers or video makers. So, you need to provide them with an estimated deadline and discuss the timelines for your project. 
  2. Great quality and experienced professionals: You require talent and expensive equipment if you want a high-quality video or film. You might not have quality equipment and a helicopter to record from an aerial view, so hiring them will be beneficial. But make sure that they are experienced and the video shootings are of excellent quality. You can have a look at some of their portfolios before making a decision.
  3. Compliance must be taken seriously: It is crucial to hire an aerial filming company that takes compliance seriously. Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority can have some strict rules about flying at certain places, and the last thing required is a legal battle. In addition to this, the filming company must assess any potential hazards. An excellent filming company will discuss the guidelines and point out any hazards that might have been overlooked.