Rose Flowers

Isn’t rose a pretty addition to this world? I feel that some things in the world are added by god just to make this world a beautiful place and roses are one of them. But this was before I didn’t know the other uses of roses. Now, I’m even a bigger fan of roses and you will often find me writing about them usually. So, now you know that roses are not only a bouquet material, though they make a great bouquet too, there is more to this flower. Picking a rose bouquet is a great choice especially for someone you love dearly. Well, we send flowers to noida online to our favorite people just because they express so many meanings, and look pretty. Now, I’m going to add one more reason to your list why you should pick roses for gifting.  

Rose is an amazing flower not because it is beautiful and all, but because it remains useful even after it has dried out. Consider it another reason to make it your favourite flower because most flowers need to be thrown out once dried, but for roses, think again. There are so many things that you can do with this flower when fresh as well as when dry. To be honest, there is something about rises that makes them luxe. They look good when dried and thus, you can make things out of it. So, here are some really amazing uses of roses when they are dried out.

Rose oil

Are you someone who likes to use natural skincare? Well, then it is good news for you because first on our list is a skincare product that you may like to incorporate into your skincare regime. I’m talking about rose oil. We all know that oils are great for the skin especially for people with dry skin. It is their best friend and when roses are infused in the oil, it gives double benefits because the oil is infused with the qualities of roses as well. It is no rocket science to prepare rose oil at home, all you need are some dried roses and a carrier oil, mainly olive oil. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to prepare the rose oil and it can be used as a skin lotion. 

Photo frame

Another way to use dried roses is to creatively use them in creating a photo frame. If you go through different tutorials of making photo frames, you will see that people often use rose to form creative borders of the games. You can make one too because roses remain beautiful even after they are dried out, unlike other flowers that lose their colour. So, whenever you receive a flower bouquet, you can dry out the roses and use them in creative photo frames if you are someone who likes to create stuff in their house. 


Here comes one of the most common uses of roses that people have been using for ages is rose water. Rosewater is the best toner that you can have for your skin. It works well for any skin type be it oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. So, preparing rose is a very good idea because it will eventually come into use. Also, it does not expire so easily, especially the one prepared at home because it is the purest that you can get. So, dry out the rose when you receive online flower delivery in gurgaon of these flowers. Don’t throw them away, use them in your skincare. You can easily make rose water by watching some tutorials. 


I think this is the most common use of dried rose flowers. I mean we all have tried it once in life, right? If you haven’t, trust me, you got to try making a potpourri at home, it looks really amazing and can make great decor stuff for your home. 

Rose face mask

I think more friend roses have more uses for the skin. Here comes another use where you can easily make a powder of dried roses and use them in your face packs. Rose pack gives you an instant glow. 

These are some amazing uses of how to use roses when they are dried.