Alternatives to Ear Piercings

Ear Piercings

Whether you do not want to have your ears pierced or you are just not sure yet, you can choose to go the alternate route to ear piercings. The magnetic earrings are the most obvious choice but there are other options that you may also consider. What are the other ways to have earrings without getting your ears pierced? 

Best Alternatives to Ear Piercings 

Magnetic earrings 

The easiest way to wear earrings without getting your ears pierced is by acquiring magnetic earrings. As the name implies, these types of earrings are magnetized. Instead of pierced ears, you have two magnets that you put side by side on each other as you put your ears in between the pair. Magnetic earrings have different shapes and sizes. You can find stud sets that are available online.  

If you think that you will spend a ton of money on magnetic earrings, you are incorrect. The basic titanium steel magnetic ear clip only costs around four dollars a piece. As you order more magnetic earrings, you will pay less per pair. 

Stick-on earrings 

Another option for you is getting stick-on earrings. They are very popular for kids who want to play around and wear earrings during their time with friends. Stick-on earrings have a variety of designs and shapes. You can find expensive stick-on earrings online but you can also find cheaper alternatives. 

The problem with stick-on earrings is keeping them on the ears. Because of sweat and other elements, stick-on earrings may eventually fall off. You have to bring numerous spare earrings just in case it happens.

Hinge Clip-on earrings 

This basic alternative to ear piercings was first in the 1930s. This type of earring function through a hinge that operates two sides of a clip so that the earrings attach to the earlobes. The challenge with clip-on earrings is the lack of proper adjustment based on the size of the ears. Clip-on earrings work best with ears that have medium to large size of earlobes. 

Sliding spring earrings 

If you prefer to wear lightweight earrings, you may want to consider wearing sliding spring earrings. They offer a great look and they even appear like that of pierced earrings because of the seamless design.

How do you use sliding spring earrings? You just have to slide the spring back so that the front does not touch the back of the earrings. You then have to let go of the slide so that the earrings attach to the ears. 

One benefit of sliding spring earrings is their customization. You can have a better fit with sliding spring earrings compared to the previous hinge clip-on earrings. 

Screw-back earrings

Have you ever heard of the screw-back earrings? They are the ones that have screws so that they push right in front of the earlobe until the earrings just fit nicely on the ears. Screw-back earrings were invented primarily because women in the early times were frowned upon when they pierce their ears. Screw-back earrings also offer a customizable fit on the ears just like the other types of earrings earlier stated. 


If you do not like to have your ears pierced, you should fret. There are other options that you can get if you want to wear earrings to add to your style and complete your whole outfit. Getting magnetic earrings, clip-on earrings, or stick-on earrings are great picks for those who are just starting out on wearing earrings. You can also pick body paint pens if you feel like doing it on your ears. You can try them all and see which ones suit your lifestyle best.