If you’re amongst the millions of dog lovers globally, you truly understand that a dog can brighten the family home and provide much-needed companionship. If you’ve always dreamt of sharing your home with a canine friend, how should you prepare?

Breed or Rescue 

When seeking advice about what type of dog you should bring home, you will get conflicting opinions. It’s true to say that each breed has a unique set of characteristics that you should consider before deciding. 

Your choice will largely depend on your and your family’s lifestyle and how much time you have available for training/walking etc. If you decide to get a puppy, you will need to invest some effort in the early stages. 

If you plan to be out and about with your dog for long walks and hikes, you can choose a bigger, more energetic breed. Do some online research about the breeds to get an idea of the behaviors and needs of each one. 

Sadly, many loved and mistreated dogs worldwide are looking for their forever homes with a family that will take care of them and provides a happy life. Many dog charities rescue dogs from overseas and require just the cost of travel and vaccinations. It’s worth investigating if you want to make a difference in a dog’s life. In many cases adopting a dog is saving its life.

The basics

Before you bring your puppy home, you should ensure that you have what you need. A warm bed is crucial to help your new puppy feel relaxed, as they will likely feel anxious in thier new environment. 

Choose food that is suitable for a puppy. All dogs have different nutritional needs depending on age, so be sure to research the other brands or consider feeding them raw food, a healthy diet for dogs. 

As well as the basics such as food and water you should puppy proof your home before he moves in. Puppies like to chew, so you must keep cables and electrical appliances out of the way and place locks on cupboards that are accessible. If you love your shoes, you should also hide them away; puppies are great at wrecking footwear so put them out of reach.

You should also buy a suitable harness and lead so you can start lead training the puppy as soon as possible. Getting puppies outside for exercise and socialization is vital in the early stages whilst they are adaptable and quick to pick up new habits. 


Looking after the health of your dog is imperative and should be a priority for any dog owner. Investigate the different insurances available to plan for unexpected vet bills. Suppose you need to check out any symptoms or book inoculations. In that case, you could try a walk in vet clinic that offers all pet services, including emergency treatment if your dog has an accident or develops worrying symptoms. 


An essential factor to remember when owning a canine is their need for exercise. You must commit to walking your dog every day to keep them in tip-top condition. Exercise helps keep them mentally stimulated and reduces the risk of obesity. If dogs get bored, they tend to misbehave at home, so be sure to get out with them. Dogs love routine, and their daily walk will likely become their favourite part of the day. It’s good to remember that walking is good for everyone, so is a great way for dog owners to stay active too. 

Living with pets is a beautiful way to beat loneliness and isolation, and with the proper care, you can provide them with a long and fulfilling life.