8 Top Islands of the Maldives for a Honeymoon


There’s something special about the Maldives that makes it a perfect destination for a honeymoon. An island nation situated in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is truly a paradise on the planet. Although it is smaller than the majority of other Asian counterparts such as Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, it will not surprise you. This is due to the variety of activities it has to offer. The Maldives ought to be the preferred destination for your much-anticipated needed post-nuptial holiday in a beautiful blue sea. If you’re interested in exploring the Maldives outside of the well-known Male, many hidden gems can guarantee a relaxing honeymoon.

To make your life easier for your convenience, we at TripHobo have put together an extensive list of the top island destinations within the Maldives for the ultimate romantic vacation.  If you’re contemplating a trip to the honeymoon in the near future and you are trying to figure out the most beautiful places we’ve compiled the top destinations in the Maldives honeymoon Package

  1. Thoddoo Island

In reality, it is among the most romantic honeymoon destinations that are the ultimate destination for couples looking to discover the old Maldivian style. This is the perfect destination for you! Located 67km from the capital city of Male, Thoddoo Island is an oval island that is famous for its watermelon production. It is known for its vibrant streets, friendly locals, stunning locations, and delicious seafood; Thoddoo Island is ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway with an added twist.

  1. Hulhumale

If you are looking for a less crowded spot but still filled with breathtaking scenery and stunning scenery, then you have a good idea of where to be heading for your wedding! The island isn’t that urbanely developed as compared to the main islands, like Male. This enhances the beauty of this stunning place and makes it among the least-known islands in the Maldives.

  1. Maafushi

The most well-known Island in Africa, Maafushi, can be described as a destination that is an idyllic tropical paradise. You and your partner will both love it! The captivating scenes, the shimmering blue ocean, amazing resorts, and many amazing activities to enjoy. Maafushi is everything you need that you need to help make your wedding an unforgettable experience. There are a variety of luxurious resorts and hotels in Mussafah to ensure that your vacation is enjoyable. While you are in Maafushi, it is possible to indulge in thrilling activities such as snorkeling, picnic island excursions, and water sports.

  1. Villingili

The Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa are extremely popular, and couples choose to spend quality moments together. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the moments of intimacy before you begin your marriage. While here, take pleasure in the warm welcome and have a blast! If you both are inclined to adventures, you’ll be able to enjoy some water sports too! It is also known as an island with the highest elevation; Villingili is the only resort island of Maldives.

  1. Vaadhoo Island

The most important thing to do after your vows to marry is an unforgettable experience. The simple sight of the water glow at night is one of its unique. The only suggestion we can give you and your companion is to cherish every moment to cherish it forever. Take pictures, relax your eyes, and enjoy every minute of it.

  1. Ukulhas

Most famously known as the cleanest island in the Maldives, Ukulhas is one of the most stunning places and is well-known for its unique culture. With people of different ethnic groups living on the island, it’s also one of the tourist-friendly islands in the Maldives. Many people of India, UAE, and Africa have made their own and are devoted to tourism. Therefore, if both of you are into experiments, Ukulhas offers numerous opportunities to discover various cuisines, cultures, and lifestyles than the typical Maldivian style.

  1. Asdhoo

Amazing scenes, breathtaking ocean views, clear beaches, and friendly people. Asdhoo is a must to make it the perfect destination for your dream wedding. The stunning locations will delight your eyes and make for memorable enjoyment. The resorts and hotels are comfortable and can be customized to your preferences. The restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes as well as the traditional Maldivian one.

  1. Dhidhdhoo Island

One of the biggest islands in India, Dhidhoo, is also a favorite romantic spot among newlywed couples. Apart from a variety of accommodation options and hotel resorts, the island’s area is in proximity to several other islands. It is possible to get the most of the island by trying fishing at night, which is essential to try in this area. Enjoy long walks with your loved ones along the shoreline and remember these moments of intimacy.

When you are planning your honeymoon, be sure you’ve reviewed this checklist and formulated a plan to experience the natural beauty of Maldives in every way!