6 Tips to Prepare Your Kids or Toddlers for Preschool

Toddlers for Preschool

Preschool is a new phase in your kiddos development. When your children are three-years-old, then they are no longer toddlers. They are “big kids” now and ready to start their schooling. Starting it is a big step for a child and their parents. It can play a vital role in preparing their little ones for their future. Here are a few ways and activities which can help you in making your kids for this new experience. 

Tips before pre-schooling starts

  1. Check out the preschool

Take your kids and visit their preschool. Meet their class teacher, show them their class schedule and show them where to put their backpack and personal things. Also, talk about what to expect during each portion of the day. 

  1. Reading books

Spend some time reading books about kindergarten. Such as “Off to Kindergarten” by Tony Johns, “I Love School” by Hans Wilhelm, “Puddles” by Kevin Atteberry. Or something that will help your kids to grow such as “The King of Kindergarten” by Derrick Barnes, “Baby’s Day out” by John Hughes and so on. Get your kiddos ready for kindergarten with fantastic children’s and parents books.

  1. Work on their self-help skills

Going to kindergarten will be a big developmental step your child and independence will become a significant focus. You can teach your kiddos about the self-help skills like washing hands, using the toilet for urine, how to put on the shoes and socks and to use the utensils at the table. 

  1. Tell them with action

Use your kid’s preference for pretending that you’re going to school. It will help your kids to prepare him for preschool by hanging up the school backpack and sitting down for group time. You can read stories, play games, a simple snack and even teach them a few necessary social skills. Also, talk about how to get someone’s attention, join in play and take turns. You can even use puppets to role-play. 

  1. Acknowledge and express feelings

Going to school will be exciting and adventures for both you and your kid. Both of you will have the same sense of anxiety. Let your child handle this anxiety and allow them to express their feelings. Also, listen carefully and acknowledge your child’s fear. Along with that, acknowledge your feelings of ambivalence. With nurturing support, this behaviour change is only temporary.

  1. Shift your Schedule

As your kids start going to kindergarten, gradually make necessary changes in your routine also. Work on your home atmosphere by creating some peaceful and calm environment and limit media. Teach your kids to eat healthy breakfast, going to bed on time and spending time outdoors. Thus, if you make the predictable routines a few weeks before school starts will make a smooth transition.

Simple activities to prepare your kids for preschool

  1. Coloring:

Give them some painting that has small objects for colouring and then gradually move to more massive objects. 

  1. Pre-writing:

Replicate straight lines horizontally then vertically. Drawing lines is an effective way for kids to learn this skill. You can give them exercise like connecting dots, imitate a circle, square or across. Moreover, give them tracing line worksheets, and other vertical letters like L, E, H, F, T and I. 

  1. Practice writing name:

This can range from recognizing and saying the letters in their name. Draw the letters in the sandbox or make a shape with playdough. You can even use pen and paper for drawing the letters of their name.

  1. Work on motor skills:

While practising motor skills get the whole family moving. Focus on your kids daily routine and physical activity that promotes stability, strength and flexibility. It will help your child to be on track with gross motor development. A simple activity you can do is take your kid to hopscotch game or garden. 

Preparation tips for the first few days of school

  • Organise:

 On the first day, make sure that you have clothing, shoes, and backpacks organised and labelled. Also, stock up some healthy snacks and drinks to put it in their lunch boxes.

  • Stay with your kids:

Help your child to get involved in the classroom activities, and meet and greet other children in the room. 

  • Stay involved:

Separating kids from parents is a significant milestone. Even if your kids have been attending on early childhood and toddler program, a new teacher and classroom may bring anxiety once again.  And of course every pre-school should take care of electrical safety for kids.

Tips that your kids are ready for a long day child care

While you prepare your kids for with these a few activities, you should expect below mention signs that he/she is ready for this next step. Nonetheless, your kid is prepared for the school if:

  • Shows interest in learning new things
  • Shows interest in potty training and uses it independently
  • Doing self-help tasks like washing hands
  • Increase in their attention span
  • Enjoys all type of social interaction with a peer


Preschool is a time of tremendous growth. With just a little preparation, you can make this transition a confidence-building experience for both you and your child. Thus, these tips will help your kids to grow and learn good manners. Also, make sure to check out the tips for creating a perfect nursery for the kiddos at your home.