5 Romantic Things to Do in Kerala on Honeymoon

Kerala honeymoon packages

Although the mild weather of this tiny state situated in the southern region of India makes traveling throughout the entire year relatively effortless, it’s best to plan your trip between September and March.

In addition to the gorgeous forts, gushing rivulets which provide a wide range of fish species and magnificent temples that date back to the past, Kerala is also the home of huge spice plantations, making it the undisputed “spice capital of India”.

If you’re newly married couple looking for a beautiful destination to spend a romantic honeymoon in India with the finest of everything, then Kerala is the ideal destination to be.

Choose to explore the beautiful countryside, with lush forests as well as hidden streams. You can also enjoy an unforgettable night beneath the stars on a boat with your partner, taking in the sunrise and the dip towards the shoreline.

Chocolate lovers are able to give in to their cravings since homemade chocolates of all kinds are on offer along with every kind of seafood. Beautiful strolls along beaches at sunset, candle lit dinners at a treehouse and restful Ayurveda oil treatments are just a few of the luxurious experiences you can enjoy during your romantic getaway in Kerala.

  1. Spend A Night In A TreeHouse

Five rivers run through its length and width, and that rise alarmingly during the monsoon season, tree houses are commonplace in Kerala and are known in the local language by the name of “Erumadam” and located over robust trees that offer protection from wild animals at night. Include this spot in your Kerala honeymoon packages┬áin Wayanad will enhance your love affair with your spouse.

These structures are now an integral part of the tourist heritage and there are numerous resorts that provide treehouses at the edge of forestlands which start at around Rs. 5000 per night per person that may increase during the peak season.

  1. Sun Bath At Kovalam Beach

A trip to Kerala isn’t complete without a visit to the famous sunbathing beaches in Kovalam. A popular destination for tourists from abroad and Indian tourists since the 1930’s, the three crescent-shaped beaches that comprise Kovalam are crowded throughout the year, with people enjoying bathing, Ayurvedic massages that smell delicious as well as catamaran cruises in addition to sunbathing on private beaches of luxurious resorts that line the coast. It is among the most frequented destinations in Kerala.

Kovalam’s beaches are Kovalam are perfect for strolling in arms with your partner and enjoying Ayurveda massages. This is among one of the most popular activities to take in Kerala during your honeymoon, along with purchasing handicrafts from local stores.

  1. Watch Sublime Snake Boat Racing

The stunning spectacle of elegant boats race by one another, flying through stunning waters while crowds of spectators cheering them on across every single inch of their course an amazing sight to behold. In Kerala each year, four major snake boat races take place within and around Alleppey among them the most well-known is the Nehru Trophy held in August, as well as 15 minor races, are held in different locations.

Most of them take place in the month of September and June,, this allows you to make this race an integral part of your activities to do in Kerala on your Honeymoon itinerary. To watch these races, you can hire a taxi to Cochin Airport which is 85 kilometers away, or take a train from Cochin to Alleppey.

  1. Experience Shikara Ride In Backwaters

Is there anything more beautiful than floating on a comfortable houseboat for a few hours with your spouse to share the experience with butterflies and birds? A honeymoon in Kerala is not complete without a boat ride on the river which gives guests a glimpse of Kerala’s traditional village lifestyle. Houseboat excursions are typically scheduled out of Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kollam that is between 70 and 75 km from the nearest airport Cochin.

  1. Eat Sadya On A Banana Leaf

When you visit Kerala don’t forget to taste the local food, which serves as Sadhya on a leaf of plantain. The traditional sadya served at weddings and festivals includes 24-28 dishes served as a single dish.

Although all of the dishes are vegan, they combine flavors that stimulate the senses, such as spice, salt sweet, sour, and spice. The majority of the dishes include coconut oil in the cooking process, or include plenty of coconut grated into it.