A trip to God’s Country is as amazing as the views you can enjoy while on the Kerala houseboat.The landscape of Kerala comprises stunning backwaters, tranquil beaches, paddy fields. A houseboat trip is a chance to experience everything. If you can see the stunning views unfold right before your eyes in a series as you are amazed by these natural wonders in amazement.

As a vital means for transport in Kerala for many years this type of houseboat, also known as Kettuvallams are a significant part of the rich culture of Kerala. The concept of taking a trip in these exquisitely designed houseboats in Kerala has evolved into the most thrilling experience you could ever have. The spacious, well-equipped rooms, the local cuisine, cultural events and a knowledgeable staff to assist you The houseboats are equipped with everything you could want.

  1. Oberoi Vrinda Houseboat

The yacht-sized luxury houseboat Vrinda is ranked as the top choice as the most lavish houseboat available in Kerala. Oberoi Vrinda usually sails on two or three-night luxury homeboat journeys that meander through the beautiful backwaters. Oberoi Vrinda has eight deluxe cabins, with huge French windows, King-sized beds. It is constructed with teak wood to create interiors bamboo fixtures, as well as palm leaves that are twisted to form an umbrella shaded on the deck.

The rooms are furnished with warm timber flooring, large bathrooms and power showers. The tiny vessel blends seamlessly with the surrounding and is among the best places to gaze at the water’s gliding by while sipping a cardamom-infused tea from the deck at the top. Along with regular excursions in search of the backwaters around Alleppey the Oberoi offers cultural activities at night, including Kathakali traditional drumming, Carnatic music and so on, making it one of the most luxurious houseboats in Kerala Tour Packages

  1. Royal Suite

What are your thoughts on the pleasure of viewing the sun set over Lake Vembanad from the comfort of a Jacuzzi that is precisely that which you will find in the Royal Suite offers for someone searching for a luxurious homeboat to Alleppey. One of the hallmarks of this houseboat that is luxurious is its food, which is excellent that blend from south Indian and international cuisines and is prepared with fresh local ingredients, ranging from tiger prawns and coconuts to sweet bananas, and the local, delicious red, the rice that is fibrous.

Royal Suite is one of the top high-end luxury housesboats available in Kerala that offers awe-inspiring images, incredible meals, and amazing conversations with locals will make for an unforgettable vacation.

  1. Angel Queen Houseboat

Angel Queen offers a lovely stay with rooms that are individually furnished with television, a fan, bathroom and cable. One of the highlights of the trip is the meticulously cooked authentic Kerala dishes that are with a lot of fresh seafood, spices, and barbecue. On the upper deck, you will find a great location to relax or enjoy the time you want with your family and friends.

  1. Rainbow Cruises

This Alleppey houseboat will give you the most romantic experience, while taking in the spirit of Venice of the East. Rainbow Cruises have a fleet comprising more than two dozen the finest homeboats that are available to rent in Alleppey. An excursion on the peaceful backwaters could be the ideal idea for an ideal honeymoon or holiday.

When it saunters through the waters, you’ll be able to see the varied ecosystem of the land and lake. Once you get on board you’ll feel like you’re aboard the boat. Popularly referred to as Kettuvallom Houseboats come with all the amenities to make for a pleasant and relaxing stay. They are available in three different types: a luxury houseboats marked with the tag Luxury followed by Deluxe and Premium models.

  1. Lake Park Cruises

In the beautiful Kerala backwaters houseboat located in Alleppey offers self-catering facilities and comes with an fully-equipped kitchen as well as attached bathrooms, which come with complimentary bathroom amenities and shower. It is possible to visit the travel desk to exchange currencies and car rental services, as well as fishing excursions.

A highly skilled and knowledgeable crew will provide you with the finest of facilities. You will also get an inside look at village life along the shoreline as you cruise along the backwater. If you’re looking to experience the beautiful state of Kerala and the abundance of luxury that is mingled with natural beauty take the time to make a reservation for one of the packages on this houseboat and experience the authentic feel of Kerala.