4 Tips for Choosing a Comfortable and Quality Sofa

best sofa for your home

Did you know that Spaniards spend 10 years of their life on the couch? It is the third place where we spend the most time, 3 hours on average, as explained by an INE Time Use Survey (2010).

This is the reason why it is very important to choose quality and comfortable sofas because it is the best place to watch television, spend time with your loved ones and rest after a long day at work.

The acquisition of a sofa is usually a complicated decision since it is a durable good, of continuous use and that completely determines the style of your living room. There are many types of sofas, prices, styles, and materials, but what is the best sofa for your home?

Ideas for Choosing the Best Sofa

The most important characteristics that sofas have to fulfill is that they are comfortable, of quality, functional, and that they have an aesthetic in accordance with our taste. Next, we present a small guide on how to choose the best sofa, depending on the use that we are going to give it and how our living room is.

Floyd Sofa

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1. Attractive design but above all comfort.

At first, the design is highly valued, but over time, one of the most valued characteristics of a sofa is its comfort.

If you like modern, classic, rustic, or extravagant design sofas, the most important thing is that it be as comfortable as possible. A pleasant and restful feeling, above all else, nobody wants to spend time on a sofa with the feeling that they are on a stone bench.

Now, if the function of the sofa is not going to be to rest, watch series or take that typical summer nap, you can take a risk with a vertigo design, with a more decorative function.

2. Sofa upholstery

The fabrics not only determine the style of the sofa, but they are also important because they intervene in the comfort, quality, and maintenance of this furniture. We present the most common upholstery.

Fabric sofas: they are easy to maintain due to their easy washing and are usually the cheapest. The most widely used fabrics are linen and cotton.

Linen sofas: they are more used for classic and rustic design sofas. They have great resistance to stains and color fading.

Cotton sofas: Cotton is more resistant than linen, but it is more resistant to stains. The good thing about this fabric is that it can be used for sofas with modern and contemporary designs, as well as for classics.

Leather sofas: They are usually of higher quality and have a more elegant style and can be adapted to various designs. This class of sofas has greater durability, but has a more complicated cleaning and is less resistant to stains.

3. Make the most of space

If your home is small or you like to make the most of the space, surely the best option is to bet on sofas with an extra. There are sofas that have a storage space under the seat or sofa beds that are a perfect solution if you are one of those who welcome friends or family at home.

4. Sofa for a home or for a business?

Sofas, in addition to being a key piece in the furniture of the home, can also be a differentiating element of a business, located in waiting rooms, hotel receptions, and even in cafes and restaurants.

In this case, the design of the sofa becomes very important as it is part of the image of the business. For example, a modern and colorful sofa (like the one shown below) conveys that a company is current, young, and fresh.

We hope these 4 tips will help you choose your ideal sofa, can you think of any other ideas? Share it!