3 Tips for New Concealed Carriers

3 Tips for New Concealed Carriers

Obtaining a concealed carry permit is a great way for someone to have an additional way to protect themselves and others while out in public. However, while getting the permit to carry a concealed gun requires the completion of training courses, it does not make the person an expert at concealing a weapon while they are going about their day. They will need to ensure that they dress correctly, select the proper holster and practice consistently.

1. Dress Appropriately

Trying to dress appropriately while concealing a gun does not mean that the person must always wear drab, baggy clothing. There are CCW dress clothes that are designed to accommodate a range of outfits from sweat pants to formal evening gowns. Make sure that the holster and gun blend into the outfit in an unnoticeable way. This can be accomplished through layering and experimenting with the placement of different types of holsters.

2. Select the Right Holster

The right holster should cover the trigger to prevent accidental firings while also somewhat breaking up the outline of the gun. It should also be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and stay firmly in place without sliding around the body.

3. Practice at Home

Strapping a gun on for the first time and walking out of the house the moment the permit arrives is a bad idea. The gun should be situated in such a way that normal activities, such as walking, sitting and using the restroom can be done comfortably. Wear the holster around the house for a few days to get used to the weight of the gun. Practice unholstering the firearm to ensure it can be drawn quickly and safely in an emergency.

It can take time for someone to become used to carrying a concealed weapon. Take as much time to practice as needed before wearing the gun out of the house to avoid slipping up in public.