3 Gifts for New Gun Owners

Gun ownership is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. When gifting gun accessories, try to remember what your friend or loved one uses their gun for, what colors they like, and what accessories they already have. Here are three simple gift ideas for new handgun or pistol owners.

Electronic Ear Muffs

Ear muffs are the perfect accessories for a new gun owner. “Shooter’s ear” is a term for people who have hearing loss in the ear they hold their gun up to. Hearing loss is very common in gun owners, but electronic ear muffs can help to mask the concussive noise from gun fire.

Pistol Range Bag

Another gift option for new gun owners is a bag for their gun and pistol accessories. If you know that your gun owning friend or loved one enjoys going to the range to shoot, a bag will help them keep everything together. You can even get the bag personalized with your friend or loved one’s name or with his or her favorite image. This is a great gift if you want to buy something more personal.

Shooting Target

Buying a shooting target as a gift allows you to give something you know will be useful to your friend or loved one. There are several types of targets too. The bouncing handgun target is a rubber target that, every time it is hit, will bounce up and back. This makes it a great gift for gun owners looking to work on their speed and accuracy. If your friend or loved one wants to work on accuracy and long distance shooting, you can gift high visibility targets. These make it easy to see where the bullet hits the paper from a distance and will help increase accuracy.

There are many great gift options for new gun owners. From targets to bags to home accessories, there are gun related gifts out there for every gun lover.