Why Would You Consult with Some Podiatrists?

Podiatry is connected to health problems related to the ankle, foot or even the lower limb. This field deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of injuries and medical conditions to either the ankle, foot, or the lower limb, or probably all three. Foot problems are a common occurrence but tend to be neglected…

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Easy Air Fryer Broccolini Recipe

This website may contain affiliate links and advertising so that we can provide recipes to you. Read my privacy policy. This super-easy side dish is delicious, full of flavor, and has the perfect crispy crunch on the outside. This air fryer broccolini takes less than 10 minutes to make and can be paired with just…

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men's beaded bracelets 

Why Men Love Beaded Bracelets

Have you ever wondered why men love to wear bracelets? Men sporting bracelets all over the place. The outdoorsy dad, clad in cargo shorts and a stretchy wooden bracelet. And don’t miss the preppy 30-something guy on the streetcar reaching up to ring the bell while sporting a thick leather strap. What’s the secret? Stone…

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World's Ocean For Tourism

How Conservation Preserve World’s Ocean For Tourism

How can conservation preserve the world’s ocean for tourism? While there are a lot of challenges to global ocean conservation, Maxwell Waitt said tourism is an essential part of the conservation puzzle. This article examines the Blue Economy and the impacts of eco-tourism and shark tourism on the ecosystem and local economies. Here are some ways to…

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Best Lens Tint For Sunglasses

How To Choose The Best Lens Tint For Sunglasses

Greenish-colored lenses reduce glare and contrast and filter out blue light. Greenish lenses are also excellent for everyday use. Grey-tinted lenses are suitable for driving, on cloudy days, and fishing sunglasses. They also provide anti-fatigue benefits. These lenses also work well on people with warm skin and complement a sporty look. This article will discuss…

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 travel info for India

A few things you should know before visiting India

Before traveling to India, the US Department of State offers country-specific travel info for India . Also, read up on COVID-19 and Dengue fever to stay safe. There are also essential visa requirements, including obtaining a valid one. This is not a comprehensive list, but it’s a great place to start. Getting the right visa Getting the…

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