17 Tips For Successful Golf Course Management

Golf Course

Many parts of the world are at the receiving end of the second wave of COVID-19. Golf course management is still very challenging. Some golf courses are buying used golf course mowers and other equipment instead of new ones to cut costs. This article shares some tips to make things easier for you in this time of crisis. 

Online Tee Booking

No one can ignore the importance of online tee booking. You can attract more golfers by offering this convenience. Online tee booking saves your time as well.    

Third-Party Booking  

Provide golfers with the ability to book using third-party booking sites. While you will have to pay a percentage of your fee, this will increase your presence.  

Varying Membership Options

Are you offering seasonal play, free range balls, discounted rounds, unlimited golf, bundled deals, and other membership programs? Offer different options according to the demographics of players. 

Loyalty Program

It is good to offer membership options. However, the traditional loyalty system is still relevant. Rewarding your members makes a big difference. 

POS Reporting and Analytics

Use golf course POS systems to measure progress if you change your online bookings, memberships, pricing etc. This provides better budget control and you can offer more benefits to golfers.  

Automate Ordering and Inventory

Use software, a cloud-based one for smart inventory and vendor management as well. This saves time and money by automating and streamlining processes. 

Host Golf Contests and Events

Tournaments, contests and events are reliable sources of revenue for golf courses. Events are also an excellent opportunity to market your business. 

Time-Based Discounts

These discounts can make a difference. Set pricing according to the time of the day and demographic. 

First-Time Golfer Promos

Retaining your existing members, especially the new ones is as important as attracting new golfers. Offer discounts to first-time players. 

Seasonal Promotions

You can also fill your books by offering seasonal promos. Offer seasonal promotions throughout the year. 

SMS Marketing

People never skip checking their smartphone notifications. Cash in on this tendency of people to get more business. Text-based marketing is still very effective. 

Social Media Game

A strong presence on social media is extremely important for a business of any size. Use this social media presence to show off your perfect maintenance, redesigned greens, clubhouse and more. Golfers can also use social media to contact you for booking. 

Online Review 

Take your online reviews very seriously. You will end up losing business if you have a lot of online negative reviews. Similarly, positive reviews can attract more business.

Website and App 

Have a well-optimized website for your golf course and regularly update it. Also, add a branded app. 

Automate Driving Range

As you need to avoid hand-to-hand interactions, you can install self-checkout kiosks.   

Food and Drink Menu

Add some new options to your food and drink menu to improve your customer experience. 

Pro Shop

It is good for you and your members that you have updated your bars and dining. You should also update your pro shop. 

In the end, make sure that you have all the equipment and machines. Buy used golf course mowers if you want to save money.