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LEGO for girls! Product Review: LEGO Friends

I could not believe what I have seen while in the toy isle, a LEGO section starting out with  a design for girls! I thought not only is this so cool but, hello its about time. How many awesome kits they have that are totally geared for boys! I am glad to see LEGO has finally stepped […]

Top 10 Best Christmas Toys 2011

Well its that time when we have to start putting all those toys on Lay a way!  Here is the newest top 10 toys to buy for Christmas for 2011 1. Fijit Friends is a must have for kiddos they are interactive little creatures with different personalities. My kiddo’s head will explode if she does not […]

Product Review: Leap Pad learning system

I like a toy that actually makes learning not seem like school. I do not know one little kid who wants to come home from school, on vacation, sitting around on the weekend that wants to be in school instead of playing. There are alot of games out there that make it feel like a […]

Game Review: Learn Geography- Nintendo DS

Well my 7 yr old daughter got some “learning games” for her Nintendo DS. Since she spends so much time playing regular games thought it would be nice to have her doing some that will educate her in the process. Online was ordered a bunch of learning games. One of which was Learn Geography supposedly […]