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Cute Pokemon Bento

So I was so excited that a good friend of mine in Japan found some cool bento stuff! My kiddo freaked out especially when she saw the Pokemon stuff. So thanks so much to Daisy !

So inspired by new Pokemon stuff and how Pikachu is just too darn cute, I made this Cute Pokemon Bento today. I have a Pikachu rice mold that helped make the cute brown rice Pika.

Pikachu face details are made of nori and dairy free and gluten free cheese and his cheeks are made of meat (oops durring the shoot, one cheek moved).  Next … More

Winter Kitty Bento


Now that turkey day has passed and kiddo is back in school (she had the week off) its back to bento here!
Kiddo was hoping and praying for a snow day today. But, her wish did not come true. Just really cold and light smattering of snow. This is what inspired my Winter Kitty Bento.

Today is unlike my usual bentos as it is chocked full of gluten products! I know my bentos are usually gluten free but her new allergist wants her to eat gluten today. To test her intolerance. I don’t want to but OK…Hoping all goes well … More

Pokemon Bento Easy

Today was an easy bento as once again I was in a rush. I think I might have to start preping bento at night to have more ready in the morning. Plus like I said I need to update a stash. Oh time is all I really need now.

So I made this easy Pokemon Bento. I used some veg rice from last nights dinner added a cheese Pikachu with nori eyes and nose tomato cheeks and a cheese smile this with a cute bottle of GF soy sauce should make my kiddo very happy to eat today.

 On the … More

Monkey Business Bento

I love monkeys, because that is one of the nicknames I call my kiddo.  When we are being all cuddly I wisper I love my monkey or when she is all wired I call her my silly monkey, you get the picture.

So with my monkey in need of a bento for lunch I made her Monkey Business Bento. The sammi with monkey face is from a toast press I think at target? I outlined some of it with food markers. Behind the sammi is some leaf baran with some strawberries (cant see), a green monkey thing we got from … More

Fun Bun Bento

I had seen on some website a bit ago (I don’t remember who) they stamped their breakfast pastries. I thought how fun and put it in the files of my brain. Luckily it did not go in the recycle bin in my brain.

While shopping with my girls I found a bin of stamps on clearance, I could not pass it up. Then the file opened and I said,  hey I can use this for food and BENTO!!!!  So later on with food coloring in hand, I stamped up some mini sausages wrapped in biscuits and baked them up.  This … More

Chicken & Waffles Bento

My kiddo loves waffles and who doesn’t love breakfast items at lunch or even dinner for the matter. So that made me think of chicken and waffles for the bento today!

I cooked some chicken nuggets and placed them into a silicon cup and did the same with the waffles. I noticed all the main food was very bland looking. So to add some color I added some raspberries and a cute chicken to the top of the nuggets and to the waffles I put a little shooting rainbow star. Next to the waffles I added some green beans to … More

Easter Bento

 Im back after my computer being down!  ARRGGH, hate when that happens…

Today’s bento is called Easter Bento, well duh its almost here!  My kiddos are very excited for sure.  So with all that in mind, bunnies again for the bento. The bunnies are made of corn dogs, with nori face, cute picks, and cheese ears.  Behind them are some carrot slices, cucumber slices and cherry tomato. Above is a turkey flower next to a cup of peanut butter with flower sprinkles for the apple “Easter Eggs” to be dipped into.

  I carved the apple with a little carving tool … More

Cute Domo Bento

My kiddo asked “Momma can you make me a animal or fancy bento tomorrow”? I guess that was her way of saying step it up a bit Momma. I used to be more elaborate with my bentos and she would get more attention at lunch and lately though she said she loves them they were not a “fancy” one because she likes animals and faces and such.

To appease the little one today I made her a Cute Domo Bento. So I got up a little extra early and made her this cute bento.

Domo is a hot dog bun … More

Biscuit Animal Bento

Biscuit Animal Bento was so quick and easy using store bought biscuits in a roll. My little “bunny” got slightly over cooked as I was in the other room when timer went off.  The other biscuits I made did not over-brown cause I was more watchful.  Oh well my kiddo will still eat it and love it at least he wasn’t burnt, LOL.

So biscuit bunny’s face was drawn in with Wilton food marker (one application that actually worked out fine – see my review on food markers at:    http://mommasays.net/1015/product-review…e-food-markers   )

Under biscuit bunny is a flower biscuit, some spinach … More

Cute Veggie Pasta Bento

Cute Veggie Pasta bento is thanks to last nights dinner’s leftovers. My kiddo loves pasta, poor baby has Momma’s carb addiction, LOL.  Bumping up the veggie content is easy when you use cutters like I did for the carrots. Baby corn cut in slices makes for cute flowers ( I have even used as snowflakes in the past). I put a ripe cherry tomato in the middle and added some cucumber slices at the top and broccoli near the bottom. My kiddo does not like broccoli that much and we have a deal if I put two small sections she … More