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Hello Kitty Bento Lunch

So with no inspiration this morning I went to Hello Kitty to rescue my bento for kiddo’s lunch. Making “girly” food is so easy with Hello Kitty, because all you need is her cute face and a few flowers and picks. That makes it quick and easy.

Today’s Hello Kitty Bento Lunch started with the kitty head. It is a small container I got a few years back at Easter time when the Bunny left her at the house. She is filled with dried fruits, next to her is some broccoli, cherry tomato with a heart pick. flower cut out … More

Cute and Easy Bear Bento


Cute and easy bear bento was inspired by my need for cuteness of course and some speedy bento making since I have been having issues in the morning lately.

I love how this turned out with the cute bear for lunch and so healthy is the bonus. All this food could have easily been leftovers from the night before if you needed. I however was quick to put it together because I prepped the corn from previous meal and froze sections of corn and put in baggie in the freeze so a quick pop into microwave in a cup of … More

Spooky Bento

Halloween is just around the corner and now that were back home I am putting the Spooky Bento out for kiddo to have for lunch. 

Spooky Bento was made in a quick rush this morning so it is not as adventurous ans ones in the past, but I do need to go food shopping to have some space fillers.

For the Spooky Bento I used a ghost cookie cutter to make the sammi. I also added two blue glowing eyes to the ghost. Under that I had put champaign grapes with a ghost pick sitting with some carrot pumpkins. On … More

Christmas Tree Bento

Going all out here, this bento is busy with all kinds of colors and things to keep her excited at lunch today.

This Christmas Tree Bento is made out of sticky rice with a touch of green food color, sure I could have used peas smashed but I did it quick today.

 I added some sliced carrot and radish circles for ornaments, then I put sliced baby carrot for snowflakes all over it is topped with a ribbon decoration. I used a pick inside a star shaped egg, next to a carved radish then some meat flower and carrot slices, … More

Cute Girly Bento

 Today I woke to another sunny and bright Colorado morning. I love that it is winter still but we get such sunny days!

So with thoughts of warm days I made this bento with a “flowery” girly feel to it. It is basically just adding some design to the cucumber with a flower imprint on it and a cutie orange peeled up to the top with some peel left on shaped into a flower and a sparkly pick added to the center, next is a container with freeze dried strawberries and other fruits, some raspberries tucked in open spots and … More

Pickachu Bento

My kiddo and I went online and found a site that shows Tokyo and the huge Pokemon store, needless to say she freaked out!  So we have been kinda Pokemon obsessed here thinking about how we want to go to Japan sometime.  We said how we would try to save so we can take a trip in a year. Then all our bento and Pokemon (Hello Kitty also) dreams will come true, LOL…

So with Pika on our brains, I decided to make this  cute bento.  I know I made a Pokemon Bento last week, but what can I say … More

Mickey & Minnie Bento

I am making My bento for my kiddo this day in homage to Mickey Mouse. Well thanks to PT we are going to Florida!!!!  We are also going to see the BIG CHEESE, himself Mickey too, YEA!  My Mickey is made of cheese quesadilla’s with salami and nori face. I also added some apple wedges, tricolor of cherry tomatoes, radish carved with a heart, peanuts, couple cherries, slice of orange and carrot flowers .

I have not told my kiddo we are taking her to see Disney, I just said were visiting her Pt (that is what she calls her … More

A+ Kid Bento

First Day of school here and once again the daily bentos will be made.  It is exciting for both of us, she loves the lunches and I try to get my food crafting blood going.

I made the A+ Kid Bento because I was thinking of a theme for her first day and got inspiration from looking at old scrapbooks I had made over the years (insert big sigh).

A+ Bento comes with a slight advantage from all previous bentos, it is not gluten free. (in my head is playing Dum Dum Dum Dum like a cliff hanger from a … More

Cute Pokemon Bento

I wanted to make a cute and easy bento and I haven’t gotten myself in gear so easy cutouts is with CHEESE! I just googled a picture of Pikachu ( I picked the Pika because of our new Wii game check out my product review   http://mommasays.net/1689/product-review…chus-adventure

I first made my minute rice ( HELLO EASY THANKS TO ANNIE CHUN BRAND) added some color to make a rainbow. Because the rice was brown rice the color is not as vibrant as I would have liked, but my kiddo will not mind once she sees the Pikachu!   So Pickachu was so … More

Cute Hello Kitty Sammi Bento

With my daughters new found love of bread another sammi today in the bento and its Hello Kitty.  One of the few “girly” things my kiddo loves.

Hello Kitty is made with potato bread (Hello Yummy) and she is a PB &J.  Was going to use nutella and PB but we were out :( and for all you nutella haters, if your kiddo is eating healthy you should not have to worry about a little nutella spread so get over it!  Its not like she sits there with the jar and a spoon, that’s just me who does that LOL!… More