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Cute Bagel Bear Bento

My kiddo loves mini bagels problem not GF. So today she gets a tummy pill to be on the safe side and gets her wish of eating one mini bagel for lunch. If anyone know of a bagel that is GF and actually tastes good enough for kiddos let me know.

Today’s Cute Bagel Bear Bento is made from one small mini bagel cut in half and filled with PB & J. On the outside I made a cute bear face with some cheese ears and nose with nori for eyes and mouth, add a little cute pick for boy … More

Cute & Quick Bento

Some mornings there is no inspiration for bento making. Luckily for kiddos you just need color, cuteness and variety for a happy bento for lunchtime.

Today that morning where I was flat lining for inspiration! So first I needed color, I grabbed a variety of pics and cups along with fruit and veg, to get me the colors and a corn dog because that always brings a smile.  Cuteness was next  looking thru all the picks and little animal things I decided a little kitty holding a fish would fit nice. Variety is all a go as I try to … More

Lucky Bento

Well I am late on posting anything, last week was crazy here with kiddos not feeling well and appointments. I am just now making her a quick bento for St Patrick’s Day. Better late than never. 

I call this one Lucky Bento, because I was lucky to find this box at a resale shop for CHEEP! it was like new!  I am always on the lookout for stuff I can use for bento and you never know when a find will pop up!

I had to quick put this one together for St Patty’s Day and with my brain in … More

Left Over Lunch Bento

It was one of those mornings where I really could not get up and slept for that extra half hour, WHY do I do that to myself? The effect was then a rushed morning for Momma. Rushing to make breakfast, rushing to make bento for lunch, rushing to make Daddy lunch, rushing to brush hair, rush , rush and rush….. AARRGGHH!

 With so much fun for me this morning I decided, well she liked dinner last night so guess what your having for lunch today folks…  Opened up my bento “stuff” grabbed some animal picks (this will always get a … More

Cute Little Piggy Bento

I am striving to make sure kiddo is not eating anything with dyes now in her lunches. This along with diary free and GF I was thinking is a uphill battle, but  with just bumping up more of her favs plus I seriously don’t use food coloring a lot I think I am doing well.  I also decided to use brown rice whenever possible instead of white to bump up her fiber.  So you may notice as I use more rice lately in my bentos I have used sticky rice but now brown and believe it or not she actually … More

A+ Kid Bento

First Day of school here and once again the daily bentos will be made.  It is exciting for both of us, she loves the lunches and I try to get my food crafting blood going.

I made the A+ Kid Bento because I was thinking of a theme for her first day and got inspiration from looking at old scrapbooks I had made over the years (insert big sigh).

A+ Bento comes with a slight advantage from all previous bentos, it is not gluten free. (in my head is playing Dum Dum Dum Dum like a cliff hanger from a … More

Cute and Easy Bear Bento


Cute and easy bear bento was inspired by my need for cuteness of course and some speedy bento making since I have been having issues in the morning lately.

I love how this turned out with the cute bear for lunch and so healthy is the bonus. All this food could have easily been leftovers from the night before if you needed. I however was quick to put it together because I prepped the corn from previous meal and froze sections of corn and put in baggie in the freeze so a quick pop into microwave in a cup of … More

Spring Time Bento!

I love spring. Not to warm and not too cold here in Colorado. You cannot totally put away your winter clothes because we can get a snowfall up to Mothers Day!. Best thing though the snow melts in 24 hours usually and the next day could be in the high 60 to low 70′s! Crazy, I know…

 My bentos have been a little on the quick side since were still packing but I found some easy ways to make them still.

One of my new toys is a sandwich maker. You can buy them online, I bought mine at Wal*&^%.. … More

Welcome Spring Bento

Welcome Spring! Yesterday was the first day of Spring! Colorado is definitely showing signs of it too, all last week was WARM! This week was cooler but by Friday we will be not wearing coats again!

So to honor the nice weather I made Welcome Spring Bento. In this bento I was able to use some left over take out from dinner, always a plus…

In the center cup is fried rice with some cheese flowers and a cherry tomato, some ham roll flower roses and pea pod leaves, string beans (also from last night), chicken nuggets with a blue … More

Little Lion Bento

Little Lion Bento came to be due to the need to use up the food in the fridge and freezer as much as possible over the next few days, because were moving.  So who knows what will show up in my bentos this week beyond the usual fruit and veg. So we shall see if creation flow easily of if I struggle and just whip it all together. Either way kiddos love it because you throw a pic or two, make a cute face and have some colors= Awesome lunch no matter what.

Today’s Little Lion Bento is made with … More