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Christmas Tree Bento

Going all out here, this bento is busy with all kinds of colors and things to keep her excited at lunch today.

This Christmas Tree Bento is made out of sticky rice with a touch of green food color, sure I could have used peas smashed but I did it quick today.

 I added some sliced carrot and radish circles for ornaments, then I put sliced baby carrot for snowflakes all over it is topped with a ribbon decoration. I used a pick inside a star shaped egg, next to a carved radish then some meat flower and carrot slices, … More

Flower Power Bento


While feeling uninspired this morning I decided to find something to spark creativity in my cookie cutters. I found a cool flower shape and inspiration was set.

I used the flower cookie cutter to cut some ham I then was frying it in a pan and thought I will add some egg. Kiddo loves breakfast anytime of the day so why not.  I had already put some rice in the bottom of the container and just used the container as a template and cut the omelet out with a knife.  I placed the cuttings into the rice and then laid … More

My Melody Bento

I did not post any bento for the past few days or any recipes due to a family “THING”… Dont ya love it, life at any moment can turn your world upside down. My question that I will ask the BIG GUY when I walk thru those pearly gates is ok, I dont mind the bumps in life. I get that (sometimes), but WHY does it happen in three’s?  3 things all in a row I mean come on that was a rought one. I will say that I did alot of praying and things are working out…I just dont … More

Snowy Bento

We had snow the other day here in Colorado and I woke up today and it is still a dusting here. Weather outside is cold and I am wondering if more will come. I cannot complain we get some snow and then the sun comes out and it all goes away. One day freezing the next so warm you dont need a coat!

To honor the wacky Colorado weather, I made a Snowy Bento. I think it turned out cute and not holiday-ish (is that even a word LOL).

I recently bought these all natural funny face potato wedges, they … More

Simple Bear Bento


My simple bear bento lunch for kiddo was inspired by the cute little panda cookies I bought at the Asian market. Such a cute cookie I had to buy it for kiddos bentos.

To make this bento I made a basic sammi with GF bread (Udies hot dog bun) I added ears made of carrot attached them with a pick made of GF uncooked spaghetti. I also added some nori detail for face and a cute little blue bow pick. Opposite I added the cookie, some baran grass a small sausage with a flower cut into it, heart silicon cup … More

Welcome Spring Bento

Welcome Spring! Yesterday was the first day of Spring! Colorado is definitely showing signs of it too, all last week was WARM! This week was cooler but by Friday we will be not wearing coats again!

So to honor the nice weather I made Welcome Spring Bento. In this bento I was able to use some left over take out from dinner, always a plus…

In the center cup is fried rice with some cheese flowers and a cherry tomato, some ham roll flower roses and pea pod leaves, string beans (also from last night), chicken nuggets with a blue … More

Easter Bento

 Im back after my computer being down!  ARRGGH, hate when that happens…

Today’s bento is called Easter Bento, well duh its almost here!  My kiddos are very excited for sure.  So with all that in mind, bunnies again for the bento. The bunnies are made of corn dogs, with nori face, cute picks, and cheese ears.  Behind them are some carrot slices, cucumber slices and cherry tomato. Above is a turkey flower next to a cup of peanut butter with flower sprinkles for the apple “Easter Eggs” to be dipped into.

  I carved the apple with a little carving tool … More

Pickachu Bento

My kiddo and I went online and found a site that shows Tokyo and the huge Pokemon store, needless to say she freaked out!  So we have been kinda Pokemon obsessed here thinking about how we want to go to Japan sometime.  We said how we would try to save so we can take a trip in a year. Then all our bento and Pokemon (Hello Kitty also) dreams will come true, LOL…

So with Pika on our brains, I decided to make this  cute bento.  I know I made a Pokemon Bento last week, but what can I say … More

Love Monster Bento

I am so gearing up for Halloween here but as it is not even October I could not start with spooky bentos. So I opted to make a Love Monster Bento for my kiddo.

We are using some gluten products lately as I am sure you can tell by my posts and I will say my kiddo mostly missed bread, alas she has Momma’s love of carbs, poor baby…

So now we have a love monster sammi, made of a bagel(you could still go GF with this) with turkey for hair and non dairy cheeses for teeth, eyes and heart … More

Recipe: Rice Crispy Sushi treat – School time fun treat!

My daughter wanted something special for her class on her birthday. I was tired of the same ol thing and so was she. The cupcake.  Not to dis this cute little confection but everyone brings cupcakes. So on a budget that we are and we don’t want to invite the whole class over for a party, we try to make her birthday snack at school special.

This year since my daughter is into karate we wanted something Asian and fun. I remember reading something about a rice crispy sushi a very long time ago. So where this recipe originated I … More