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Piggy Bun Bento

My kiddo loves those steamed BBQ Pork buns from our Asian Market. I love them because in a pinch they cook up in 10 min (steamer) and in a thermos they stay nice, soft and warm.  The only problem is it is not easy to make cute food in a thermos. So basically I just decorated the bun with a little piggy face made up of meat for nose and ears, then some nori for eyes.  My thermos has a top container that is small but you can cram some goodies into. I put a piggy carved apple, some string … More

Lucky Bento

Well I am late on posting anything, last week was crazy here with kiddos not feeling well and appointments. I am just now making her a quick bento for St Patrick’s Day. Better late than never. 

I call this one Lucky Bento, because I was lucky to find this box at a resale shop for CHEEP! it was like new!  I am always on the lookout for stuff I can use for bento and you never know when a find will pop up!

I had to quick put this one together for St Patty’s Day and with my brain in … More

Dinner Bento

I have not been making bentos like I used to we have been busy in our garden. But I made this Dinner Bento the other day for my kiddo to make up for the lack of bentos since school has been out. I need to step it up and at least give her a couple a week. Can you say Bento Guilt, LOL!

She was so happy to get this since it has been a while, how cute/sad is that? Oh well, Mommas have to learn no guilt here just hard when you want to be everything all the time … More

I Love Breakfast Bento

I believe yesterday was international pancake day, so in light of this I am reposting this cute bento I made from last year, plus kiddo is sick home from school today so no bento :(

This is the last bento before our BIG Disney vacation. We are leaving bright and early so we have as much time in Florida as we can!

This bento has a love bug in it because Valentines is just around the corner and my kiddo loves breakfast. So the I Love Breakfast Bento was made special just for her!

The best think is of course … More

Bear in Love Bento

Here is my “valentine” type bento I made today for my kiddo. She had so much going on yesterday I could not make a bento for her on the real Valentines Day.

This one I call Bear in Love Bento because she is so cute and I added heart picks with carrot flowers around her. Cute Bear is made of a steamed BBQ Pork bun which my kiddo LOVES, fruit roll up (all natural fruit) flowers, baby corn, strawberries, blackberries, and if you can believe it brussel sprouts. That was request the other day when we were discussing our favorite … More

Disney Movie Brave Bento & tutorial

My little one loved the movie Brave by Disney so since this week was special I made her a more special bento. I want to make this weeks bentos all themed about things she loves.  So Brave Bento was made.  We loved the Brave story about this rough and tumble girl, my kiddo totally felt akin to this movie because that is exactly how she is.

With the Brave Bento I made her out of dairy free cheese (Galaxy Rice slices Mozzarella flavor & Veggie slices Cheddar) and used food coloring to make her eye color, mouth and the word … More

Christmas Stocking Bento

 The temp outside this morning read -2 when I woke up. Yes Winter is in full gear now. Funny how in a week it can get so extreme, like they say Welcome to Colorado…

So the chill in the air and Chritmas around the corner I make another holiday bento.

The Christmas Stocking Bento is made with a sandwich using a cookie cutter and food coloring spray (ok I know not the best thing but hey its Christmas time and I like never use it- so no guilt trip here), half a mini apple with a star cut out, carrot … More

A+ Kid Bento

First Day of school here and once again the daily bentos will be made.  It is exciting for both of us, she loves the lunches and I try to get my food crafting blood going.

I made the A+ Kid Bento because I was thinking of a theme for her first day and got inspiration from looking at old scrapbooks I had made over the years (insert big sigh).

A+ Bento comes with a slight advantage from all previous bentos, it is not gluten free. (in my head is playing Dum Dum Dum Dum like a cliff hanger from a … More

Panda Fun Bento

Here is a bento I forgot to show dont know why but here it is…

This was easily made with the help of little silicon cups with bear ears. I filled them with rice added some face detail with nori and done! I added some carrots cut into flowers, turkey flower roll, dried fruit sticks, green pea pods, cherry tomato, baby apple, gapes and a little fancy lettuce. Added some color to this kinda bland bento with the help of flower silicon dividers and a small panda food divider.

I dont think this is my best bento but it was … More

Bunny Birthday Bento

Bunny Birthday Bento is another of the weeks birthday themed bentos. It is not a totally birthday looking bento but the bunny sammi has a little birthday hat on, so I will say it is birthday.

My kiddo loves bunnies and I have done a few bunnies in her bentos so this one is going to be a fav for sure. I made three little sammis and used a cookie press to indent the bread (they are also sold as sandwich press on bento sites). My kiddo loves little cute sammis and the bunny is sure to please along with … More