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Chicken & Waffles Bento

My kiddo loves waffles and who doesn’t love breakfast items at lunch or even dinner for the matter. So that made me think of chicken and waffles for the bento today!

I cooked some chicken nuggets and placed them into a silicon cup and did the same with the waffles. I noticed all the main food was very bland looking. So to add some color I added some raspberries and a cute chicken to the top of the nuggets and to the waffles I put a little shooting rainbow star. Next to the waffles I added some green beans to … More

Easter Chick Bento

 Easter is over, but still have the eggs to got to put them to good use!  So my Easter Chick Bento.  The cute little chicks are made with the egg, with nori eyes and cheese beak also cheese wings. The chicks are sitting in a nest of GF pasta mixed with raw spinach and mozzarella & parmesean cheese. The nest has cheese flowers on it painfully painted with food markers (hate them, but use them).  Next to nest is some polish sausage cut into flowers, all natural fruit roll up type dried fruit shaped into flowers (on top of more … More

Santa Bear Bento

Well with me being sick and kiddos having Thanksgiving break I did not make any bentos.

Funny though when I was making my kiddo her bento this morning she walked in to see me at work and said “YEA, Bento”.  That is why I do what I do. 

Being sick sorta zapped my brain but I knew I needed to make a rice something so I decided on a bear since the mold is so cute.

I used the hat idea from I think the site motheringcorner, I love the hot dog and cheese hat topped with a pick. There’s … More

Love U Bento

I named this bento Love U Bento because not just the obvious love I have for my kiddo, yes the main reason. But, I love what bento making has done for my family. Bento has helped my kiddo feel good about her lunches and better about any diet restrictions I have for her. From GF to now  lactose free foods, bento has made lunch exciting so that she feels she has the best lunches and doesn’t miss out at all compared to her friends or what the school is hashing out that day.

Yes bento takes a few extra moments … More

Fun Food Bento 4

So this is the last of some of her fav. fun foods (some bento are quicker than others). I do usually do allot of the same type of things but one of her favorite  things are green beans (check) of course anything egg or meat (check), and little tiny sandwiches (check).  So I know she will like this one. I was in a hurry so I did not gussy this one up with picks and a bunch of stuff today. She will be happy to see the little Smiling sammies looking at her.  So this bento will be my “Smiling … More

I Love Bunnies Bento

Spring is trying so hard to come to Colorado. One day sunny and warm and we see the bunnies running all over the forest here and the next snowfall. Luckily the snow never sticks here but we patiently wait for it to be the last. My kiddo recently tried photographing a bunny in our yard, creeping so slowly loosing valuable light for the shot with every careful step. Though I am impressed by her patience for the shot as she creeped closer and closer alas her setting was not on correct (Momma didn’t check for her oops) and all pics … More

Bunny Birthday Bento

Bunny Birthday Bento is another of the weeks birthday themed bentos. It is not a totally birthday looking bento but the bunny sammi has a little birthday hat on, so I will say it is birthday.

My kiddo loves bunnies and I have done a few bunnies in her bentos so this one is going to be a fav for sure. I made three little sammis and used a cookie press to indent the bread (they are also sold as sandwich press on bento sites). My kiddo loves little cute sammis and the bunny is sure to please along with … More

Hello Kitty Breakfast Bento

Hello Kitty Breakfast Bento for my kiddo!  We both love Hello Kitty and who doesn’t like breakfast? So a  Cute Hello Kitty Bento is the best of both worlds, plus I put as much pink as I could this morning considering we are moving and I have nothing out.

Hello Kitty herself is filled with some cute marshmallow sweets,  behind her is a bottle of strawberry syrup for the pink heart shaped pancakes that are in a red liner (thank you freezer stash). With the pink heart shaped pancakes are a few red cherries with a pink pick. Below is … More

Bunny in Love Bento

This bento was made because not only was it just Valentine’s Day but we just returned from a beautiful wedding!  So I am all inspired and in love… GUSH GUSH GUSH…

In my Bunny in Love Bento I made a bunny out of my favorite quick sticky rice (Annie Chuns brand). I sprayed her nose pink with food coloring spray (Wilton), added nori eyes on top of black food gel that looked yucky so I covered it, Swiss cheese for the lacy wedding veil and pick hearts to decorate her. In the cups I have some kiwi and strawbery hearts, … More

Simple Stitch Bento

Today I had no inspiration and no time. That means I end up making a bento that I usually would not post, but I figured why not show my uninspired days. My kiddo does not mind them so why should I.  It is not that I don’t like this bento just doesn’t flow for me today. I need to go shopping for things because I like to fill all the void spots. I like them a little more stuffed looking I guess.

Simple Stitch Bento was a simple bento because it was nice and easy to put together. I have … More