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Love U Bento

I named this bento Love U Bento because not just the obvious love I have for my kiddo, yes the main reason. But, I love what bento making has done for my family. Bento has helped my kiddo feel good about her lunches and better about any diet restrictions I have for her. From GF to now  lactose free foods, bento has made lunch exciting so that she feels she has the best lunches and doesn’t miss out at all compared to her friends or what the school is hashing out that day.

Yes bento takes a few extra moments … More

Bunny Birthday Bento

Bunny Birthday Bento is another of the weeks birthday themed bentos. It is not a totally birthday looking bento but the bunny sammi has a little birthday hat on, so I will say it is birthday.

My kiddo loves bunnies and I have done a few bunnies in her bentos so this one is going to be a fav for sure. I made three little sammis and used a cookie press to indent the bread (they are also sold as sandwich press on bento sites). My kiddo loves little cute sammis and the bunny is sure to please along with … More

I Love Breakfast Bento

I believe yesterday was international pancake day, so in light of this I am reposting this cute bento I made from last year, plus kiddo is sick home from school today so no bento :(

This is the last bento before our BIG Disney vacation. We are leaving bright and early so we have as much time in Florida as we can!

This bento has a love bug in it because Valentines is just around the corner and my kiddo loves breakfast. So the I Love Breakfast Bento was made special just for her!

The best think is of course … More

Cute Animal Bento


With everything going on here I had bento guilt and made sure kiddo got her bento. While I was making it she saw it and said Oh how cute and then put more picks. So with here in mind it has many animal picks today and that is so OK she made it her own now.  I wonder if she will get the bento bug and then start making her own bentos?  Who knows but it would be fun to include her plus all that matters is that she likes the bentos, so if kiddo wants alot of picks … More

Simply Sweet Bento

I got up a little late and basically threw this one together, not bad for quick bento.

I quickly baked up some Simply Smart chicken chunks (Perdue brand sells GF too!) I had them from the night before and my kiddo said to me “Mom, these nuggets are real chicken and  YUMMY” so I guess for a quick meal I will be buying this brand again. I found them in the cold food section of the store near lunch meats, so they are not frozen. She liked that they were not minced chicken meat but real chicken pieces.  I liked … More

Cute & Quick Bento

Some mornings there is no inspiration for bento making. Luckily for kiddos you just need color, cuteness and variety for a happy bento for lunchtime.

Today that morning where I was flat lining for inspiration! So first I needed color, I grabbed a variety of pics and cups along with fruit and veg, to get me the colors and a corn dog because that always brings a smile.  Cuteness was next  looking thru all the picks and little animal things I decided a little kitty holding a fish would fit nice. Variety is all a go as I try to … More

Cute Pokemon Bento

So I was so excited that a good friend of mine in Japan found some cool bento stuff! My kiddo freaked out especially when she saw the Pokemon stuff. So thanks so much to Daisy !

So inspired by new Pokemon stuff and how Pikachu is just too darn cute, I made this Cute Pokemon Bento today. I have a Pikachu rice mold that helped make the cute brown rice Pika.

Pikachu face details are made of nori and dairy free and gluten free cheese and his cheeks are made of meat (oops durring the shoot, one cheek moved).  Next … More

Cute Quesadilla Bento

We woke up to snow today! My kiddos first words “is there a snow day?”  Not today (whew).   I made her a simple bento with the cute little panda looking at the yummy foods.

I made this cute quesadilla bento because who doesn’t love cheese?  Plus that is all I can think about since I am starting my diet.  So I made quesadillas for my kiddo and dreamed of eating it myself…

Along with the yummy cheesy goodness I packed some blanched string beans, carrot stips that I rolled up and cucumber. There is also some hot dog (the good … More

Winter Kitty Bento


Now that turkey day has passed and kiddo is back in school (she had the week off) its back to bento here!
Kiddo was hoping and praying for a snow day today. But, her wish did not come true. Just really cold and light smattering of snow. This is what inspired my Winter Kitty Bento.

Today is unlike my usual bentos as it is chocked full of gluten products! I know my bentos are usually gluten free but her new allergist wants her to eat gluten today. To test her intolerance. I don’t want to but OK…Hoping all goes well … More

Heart Sausage Bento

I am posting some bentos that I made the last 2 weeks my kiddo had school but due to moving I never had a chance to post.

This one is the first time I think I used sausage to make  a heart.  It is simpler than you can think. Just get a small sausage cooked. then cut on the diagonal then flip the ends matching the longer point of the diagonal cut and use either a piece of uncooked spaghetti or a cute food pick if your kiddo is old enough and put the halves together. If using pick or … More