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Birthday Bento

 Birthday Bento is full of some of her favorite things. I put a twist (literally) on one of her favorite foods a hot dog! I saw this somewhere that you spiral a hot dog, so cute and easy to do.

Tip: I took a chopstick and pushed it through the center of the hot dog and then with a knife you cut around the hot dog going down in a spiral. When you take it off and cook it your kiddo will love it!

I put the cooked spiral dog onto a heart shaped stick, added some colorfull fish crackers … More

My Melody Bento

I did not post any bento for the past few days or any recipes due to a family “THING”… Dont ya love it, life at any moment can turn your world upside down. My question that I will ask the BIG GUY when I walk thru those pearly gates is ok, I dont mind the bumps in life. I get that (sometimes), but WHY does it happen in three’s?  3 things all in a row I mean come on that was a rought one. I will say that I did alot of praying and things are working out…I just dont … More

Winnie the Pooh Bento

I was recently just moping in my head how my kiddos are growing up to fast and I miss the “baby years”.  I am sure as many Momma’s out there do also ( insert big SIGH).  I love that my kiddo is still good with being my “baby” since she is the last one.  I also love that she is in no way pushing to grow up quickly!  Unlike my first born she was gearing to be a teen and now a teen gearing for adulthood, much to quickly for ol’ Momma to catch up or try to slow her … More

Alien Bento

With summertime here we have not made our daily bentos but I am trying to get one in here and there.  With that said my kiddo has been also suffering tummy troubles and sometimes does not want allot of food or is specific on what she has a taste for.  So she wanted an egg, I thought hey I will make this egg bento today.

My Alien bento was super easy and fast. Plus it is on a stick and who doesnt love food on a stick! Grammy also sent us a bento box that a stick can fit into … More

Quick GF Tortilla Pizza

Ok kiddo wants pizza and I have nothing to give her. Tortillas to the rescue!

I used regular flour tortillas for my own personal quick nighttime snack want pizza thing. It definatly kills the craving, it is like eating thin crust pizza and if you use yummy stuff on top you wont be dissapointed. My kiddo however is GF and I had some white corn tortillas (GF) and I thought what the heck it should work just as well as the flour ones I make.  Well it did!

They were a quick fix to a pizza craving and lower in … More

Cute Domo Bento

My kiddo asked “Momma can you make me a animal or fancy bento tomorrow”? I guess that was her way of saying step it up a bit Momma. I used to be more elaborate with my bentos and she would get more attention at lunch and lately though she said she loves them they were not a “fancy” one because she likes animals and faces and such.

To appease the little one today I made her a Cute Domo Bento. So I got up a little extra early and made her this cute bento.

Domo is a hot dog bun … More

Chicken & Waffles Bento

My kiddo loves waffles and who doesn’t love breakfast items at lunch or even dinner for the matter. So that made me think of chicken and waffles for the bento today!

I cooked some chicken nuggets and placed them into a silicon cup and did the same with the waffles. I noticed all the main food was very bland looking. So to add some color I added some raspberries and a cute chicken to the top of the nuggets and to the waffles I put a little shooting rainbow star. Next to the waffles I added some green beans to … More

Easter Chick Bento

 Easter is over, but still have the eggs to got to put them to good use!  So my Easter Chick Bento.  The cute little chicks are made with the egg, with nori eyes and cheese beak also cheese wings. The chicks are sitting in a nest of GF pasta mixed with raw spinach and mozzarella & parmesean cheese. The nest has cheese flowers on it painfully painted with food markers (hate them, but use them).  Next to nest is some polish sausage cut into flowers, all natural fruit roll up type dried fruit shaped into flowers (on top of more … More

Santa Bear Bento

Well with me being sick and kiddos having Thanksgiving break I did not make any bentos.

Funny though when I was making my kiddo her bento this morning she walked in to see me at work and said “YEA, Bento”.  That is why I do what I do. 

Being sick sorta zapped my brain but I knew I needed to make a rice something so I decided on a bear since the mold is so cute.

I used the hat idea from I think the site motheringcorner, I love the hot dog and cheese hat topped with a pick. There’s … More

Love U Bento

I named this bento Love U Bento because not just the obvious love I have for my kiddo, yes the main reason. But, I love what bento making has done for my family. Bento has helped my kiddo feel good about her lunches and better about any diet restrictions I have for her. From GF to now  lactose free foods, bento has made lunch exciting so that she feels she has the best lunches and doesn’t miss out at all compared to her friends or what the school is hashing out that day.

Yes bento takes a few extra moments … More