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Hello Kitty Cake

My Kiddo turned 9 this week (sniff sniff, wipe tear). She is not your average little girl. I love that about her. She is so NOT a princess type and the only “Barbie” she likes are those weird Monster High dolls. She seriously said when she first saw them “now that’s my kinda doll”!  She loves Pokemon with a passion and is rough and tumble one day but the next she is wearing sparkly skirts and pink wanting me to paint her nails. She is the best of both worlds. A kick butt little girl… The complete polar opposite of … More

Hello Kitty Witch Bento


Today is Halloween! I wanted to make something cute for kiddos lunch and nothing is cuter than Hello kitty. I wanted her to be colorful and full of Halloween fun.


I started with sticky rice of course using Annie Chun’s minute sticky rice. I put the rice into a mold (Pikachu) then after I took it out I kinda remolded it and cut the ears down to look like Hello Kitty more.


I then used nori for the face details. I put her into a silicon lettuce leaf cup and put a witches hat.  I put a few … More

Hello Kitty Bento Lunch

So with no inspiration this morning I went to Hello Kitty to rescue my bento for kiddo’s lunch. Making “girly” food is so easy with Hello Kitty, because all you need is her cute face and a few flowers and picks. That makes it quick and easy.

Today’s Hello Kitty Bento Lunch started with the kitty head. It is a small container I got a few years back at Easter time when the Bunny left her at the house. She is filled with dried fruits, next to her is some broccoli, cherry tomato with a heart pick. flower cut out … More

Hello Kitty Bento

What girl does not like Hello Kitty? My kiddo is not the Barbie doll playing type and loves Pokemon and Monster High dolls. Her love is also all things animals so that is why she loves Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty and bento totally goes together. You can buy all kinds of cute bento stuff with Hello Kitty.

I probibly could have done alot more with the theme but this is simple and cute. Plus PINK  CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES, you cant say that isn’t cute enough already… Gotta give a shout out to Bisquick for making a GF pancake mix- … More