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Free Family Fun

My kiddo had a field trip yesterday, so I of course wanted to go to.  I like to go not only for her, but it is a nice time together. We always hold hands and walk and do what ever it is and she is happy I am there. Soon she wont want me around […]

Family Tip Fridays: Holiday Nails

What little girl does not sit there and watch Momma put on makeup or do her nails… So why not spend the afternoon bonding and giving each other the spa treatment. I know some of you are thinking OH NO POLISH AND MY LITTLE KIDDO!!  But if you have fears of walking around with half […]

Cool Idea: Organize Power Cords

Family Tip Friday here so I am posting what Tammy at Funlunchbox.com posted.   This idea she got from another site  http://www.unplggd.com/unplggd/organizing/label-cords-at-both-ends-for-maximum-organization-145848?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+apartmenttherapy/unplggd+(Unplggd) . I am posting it too cause I just love it! My hubby who loves to label stuff will like this one the best since he is so obsessive! With the Christmas holidays around the corner […]

Embracing Diversity

Child care enabling balanced success in learning and life by Emily Patterson The concept of diversity involves understanding and celebrating cultural differences. Comprehending these things can be difficult for anyone, especially for small children. However, you can use fun activities and lessons to make diversity an easier concept to comprehend. Preschoolers have a very simple […]