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All Things For Sale – Bento Supplies

I happened upon a cute web site called  http://www.allthingsforsale.com/ . The bento crazy person in me spent alot of time going through all the little items and wishing how I could win the lotto and buy them all. I decided I would just purchase a few items and see how I liked this online company. How […]

Snack Bento & Product Review: Sandwich cutter & Stamp set

 Well I did it again… I bought some bento stuff from    www.Allthingsforsale.com I seriously have a problem. Every time I check the site out I wind up buying something. But, seriously the stuff is so CUTE!! My recent purchase was these cute sandwich cutter with a stamp. It was a little different than I thought […]

Product Review: Web site JBOX.COM

I love this web site. It has so many things to choose from and if your into anime this is a great place to buy cute things. I found it because of their bento products. I have ordered pics and little things previously and they came in two weeks! and being shipped from Japan I […]