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Product Review: Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker – Home Made Ice Cream

I received the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker  (Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker ICE-20 Series), from my mother to make some ice cream with the kiddos. Well today is the day, it is so nice and plus I have some fresh strawberries in the fridge and some freshly picked rhubarb from the garden and were […]

Product Review: Nicer Dicer Plus by Genius

 I have a new favorite kitchen gadget! I just had to post about it. I must admit when I first got the Nicer Dicer Plus I was skeptical that it would hold up to the challenges in my kitchen. I am glad to say that it hold up to my every challenge. This product self […]

Product Review: Nordic Ware Spring Celebrations Cookie Cutter Plaque

Since using the cookie/bread stamp I bought at Disney while on vacation see my post I now look at cookies cutter-stamps in a new light. One that caught my eye while shopping at Target the other day was Nordic Ware Spring Celebrations Cookie Cutter Plaque.     I liked the designs it has and that […]

Music CD Review: Dreamland Lullabalads By Dina Layzis

I received a copy of Dreamland Lullaballads by Dina Layzis and could not wait to pop it in during my daughters next bed time.  My kiddo and I were pleasantly soothed by the beautiful singing on the Cd, I think her  lovely voice really shines the most on the song  “Paint your dreams”.   The title “Dreamland […]

Review: Cooks Country

I am always looking  for the perfect recipe. Even then I like to tweak it to make it my own somehow. I guess that is just the little voice in me that desires to be a good cook.   My usual routine is either call my Mother, my Aunt or on occasion I call my cousin’s […]

Piggy Love Bento

I found this quick microwave sticky rice from Annie Chun’s Rice Express and its gluten free… OK it is about $2 little less if you find on sale, which I did. But this stuff ROCKS!!! It cooks in 1 minute and if you add a little rice vinegar (or not) it makes the quick easy […]

Product Review: NuNaturals Stevia Products

I like so many others try to make healthy meals for my family. One of my family members is a diabetic. You have seen previous posts of mine where I bake alot for that family member. With holidays and family get together I always make the dessert sugar-free and then let him take the left […]

Snack Bento & Product Review: Sandwich cutter & Stamp set

 Well I did it again… I bought some bento stuff from I seriously have a problem. Every time I check the site out I wind up buying something. But, seriously the stuff is so CUTE!! My recent purchase was these cute sandwich cutter with a stamp. It was a little different than I thought […]

Cute Bento/Gluten Free Fried Corn

This is the kind of bento that is realistic and easy to put together. No cutting into little things or making it too fancy to make it appealing here and it is basically leftovers from last nights dinner. To add the cute factor (must have for my kiddo) two little cute animal food separators and […]

Product Review: Naturally More Peanut Butter

I love Peanut Butter, but nowadays peanut butter is more full of oils and additives that it is not that good for you.  I do like a creamy peanut butter and only at times like a chunky kind. This is probibly because I have not found one I like yet. Naturally More peanut butter containes omega-3 […]