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Cute and Quick Bento


I woke up today to a cool and crisp morning. The mountain air had just the right amount of chill in it to make me want to snuggle a few extra minutes in my bed. Well to pay for this I had to do a cute and quick bento lunch. No big fussiness this morning. […]

Tepig Bento

My beautiful picture

Well I am finally posting after nothing all summer. The fire here in Black Forest consumed alot of my time and then some people decided to steal from our home during the evacuation, so I got my expensive camera stolen, along with smart phone. That is why I have been unable to take pictures. I […]

Product Review: Seventh Generation Multi Purpose Cleaner vs Vinegar

I wanted to start “going green” around the house a while back and I had read a long time ago about the use of distilled white vinegar. So I read articles and heard on how it is a natural disinfectant. I even read somewhere that to help eliminate E-coli on veg and fruit you […]

Product Review: FromYouFlowers.Com = no thanks

Mother’s Day I like so many people went online to order flowers to my Mom who lives far away. I was fooled by the pictures and web site of  I wish I had seen a real review of the company. Next time I will use a more trusted company like I have in the […]

Product Review: Little Colds, by Little Remedies Honey Elixir

With school here and kiddos all together in the classrooms, they are bound to get a bug.  Well of course we can send them off with hand sanitizer, give them vitamins to boost their immune system and even beg them to keep their eyes open and steer clear for sick friends.  But they still will eventually […]

Contest-Product Review: Nu Naturals Stevia / GF Dairy Free Sugar Free Rugelach

I was excited to receive some more samples from NuNaturals Stevia products. PLUS I am so excited that they want to do a giveaway contest for my readers! 4 winners here folks, so be sure to enter (rules below)! I have done a review of their products before and talked about how I feel about aspartame […]

Product Review: PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

My kiddo is so into Pokemon that I thought her head was going to explode when she got the game Poke’ Park Pikachu’s Adventure for the Wii. The Game itselfe is about you being Pickachu (there are no Pokemon trainers or people at all in this). The story line is that Pickachu and his friends […]

Fun Valentines Bento & Product Review: Funbites

I was very excited when I was asked by Funbites to review their product! Upon opening the package, one thing that came to mind was how this product would be so great for parents of kiddos, Because not only does it cut up food, but it makes it the perfect finger food size.   I love the […]

Cute Piggy and Panda food (CuteZcute) Bento

  I want to gush about a great fun kitchen tool used for lunches and of course bento making! It is called CuteZcute and it makes fun cute food for your kiddos. I used it to make my kiddo breakfast and then her lunch bento cause she was so excited when she saw her breakfast. […]

Product Review: Shredded potato Pancake Mix by Panni

You know those days when you crave a certain food and you want it so bad, the only thing stopping you is that it is a chore to make?  Well one of those for me is Potato Pancakes.  I LOVE anything potato, add pancake and it is the best. Well I was having one of […]