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Vision of carrots

If you eat plenty of carrots you will have excellent vision. Though I was not a fan when I was young,  eating a mushy cooked carrot turned me colors just to keep it down. I would weigh the consequences of wearing glasses or eating cooked carrots heavily in my mind and if given the chance […]

Twist The Stem

If you say the alphabet while twisting the stem of an apple, the letter you land is the first letter in the name of whom you will marry. Boy I sure am glad I did not land on O. I mean how many cool guys names start with O. My hubby shure lucked out on […]

Cold cement

Don’t sit on the cold cement it will give you hemorrhoids! This is one as a child my Grandmother would tell us as we played on the basement floor. I never really knew what a hemorrhoid was as a kid, the only thing I figured it had something to do with my behind and did’nt […]

You’ll Turn Into A Tree

If you swallow a seed it will grow a plant in you. How many times as a child a felt the fear of this one. I would have the nightmarish thoughts of vines growing out my nose and ears, then being taunted by other kids. Even thoughts of a painfull death as I slowly turned […]

Quick Bunny Bento

Posting some bento’s from when we moved that I quick did and snapped a pic. They are still cute even done very quickly. Just goes to show that you dont need to do elaborate bentos every day. Just by adding a cute cut-out and maybe a cute pick can still make it look fun enough […]

So Much Hair

When your pregnant if you have alot of indigestion your baby will have nice thick hair when it is born. Yea right, when I was pregnant with my first born I had heart burn that could bring a man to is knees (at times I wished it was my hubby). Hoping it was true, the thoughts […]

Starving a cold

Feed a fever starve a cold. We have all heard this one. It makes no sense at at, maybe it came because when your sick you don’t feel like eating? You mostly just pray at times for death to come swiftly. I do know that it is unhealthy especially when it comes to getting yourself dehydrated. […]