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Words In A Web

I had a project for my daughters class, because they are just finishing Charlotte’s Web. The teacher wanted us to make some sort of web however she wanted it with some inspiration word for our kiddo, like the spider did for the pig. We also had to write a paragraph of why we choose that […]

Potty Training 101

Potty training can be one of the most stressful times for not only the Mom but the kiddo too. So when you feel the time is right the number one most important rule to never break is commit. Do not go back and forth. I have seen Potty training take twice as long by parents […]

Chore Charts Love Them!

As a parent I have toyed with ideas of chore charts but found myself doing the stuff myself at times.¬† I never really stuck with it when my older kiddo was little and with my¬†little one I just did not do it. I have done charts in school with them in Kindergarten, cause I will […]

Embracing Diversity

Child care enabling balanced success in learning and life by Emily Patterson The concept of diversity involves understanding and celebrating cultural differences. Comprehending these things can be difficult for anyone, especially for small children. However, you can use fun activities and lessons to make diversity an easier concept to comprehend. Preschoolers have a very simple […]