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Fun with Food Dehydrator


I had received this Ronco brand food dehydrator a bit ago from my Mom. It is an older model from the 70’s I am sure. I was a bit uneasy to use it but I figured I would just go for it. I am glad I did. It is late summer and there is still […]

Organic cure to kill flying gnats

I have been starting seed and have some small garden veg in my potting shed. I had then gotten some plants from a friend, problem the plants had these gnats. I thought they were just fruit flies or something. I later found out by researching online that these type of garden flying gnats actually live […]

Friday Favs: Plum Kids

I want to start on Fridays saying something I found or have used that I find to be my favorite thing this week. With this in mind I was shopping at the store with my kiddo, who had a bit of a virus and I was letting her pick out foods from the BRAT diet.  […]

Dr. Seuss Bento

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish….  I made this fishy Dr Seuss Bento in honor of the man because it is his Birthday on March 2 and the kiddos celebrate it at school!  So I will be trying today and next week to give justice to the man who made not only me […]

How To Clean Stainless Steel Streak Free – No Chemicals

Since I moved into my new home I have struggled to keep my stainless steel appliances streak free. I tried many different things at the store and still I found streaks! Plus I do not want to use chemicals that are harsh in my home, so why settle with store bought stainless cleaners that are […]

Disney’s Chimpanzee Movie Review

Disney’s Chimpanzee Movie will be in theaters Fiday April 21st. and appropriately for EARTH DAY!  I cannot tell you how excited my kiddo is to see this film. If it is similar to their last movie African Cats I am sure were in for a treat.  One great reason to go today and this week if you can […]

Free Family Fun

My kiddo had a field trip yesterday, so I of course wanted to go to.  I like to go not only for her, but it is a nice time together. We always hold hands and walk and do what ever it is and she is happy I am there. Soon she wont want me around […]

Family Tip Fridays: Holiday Nails

What little girl does not sit there and watch Momma put on makeup or do her nails… So why not spend the afternoon bonding and giving each other the spa treatment. I know some of you are thinking OH NO POLISH AND MY LITTLE KIDDO!!  But if you have fears of walking around with half […]

Cool Idea: Organize Power Cords

Family Tip Friday here so I am posting what Tammy at posted.   This idea she got from another site . I am posting it too cause I just love it! My hubby who loves to label stuff will like this one the best since he is so obsessive! With the Christmas holidays around the corner […]

Spanking and Anger

I was checking my email today and I read an article of a girl who posted on youtube a copy of a tape she made when she was 16 of her Dad (who is a judge) beating her with a strap. Needless to say it is disturbing to watch. It struck a cord in me […]