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Cake Pops Not Just For Holidays

I got a book thought I would try the recipes for Cake Pops as writer Bakerella calls them. They are also called cake balls for everyone else who has made them. What I liked about bakerella’s “Pops” was it is a new spin on an old idea. She has very creative ideas for the cake balls […]

Book Review: The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine

I heard of sneaking healthy foods into food that kids normally eat. Though I do not have kids that are too picky of eaters, every kid has their moments. Mine are no different. Sometimes you have to say ok to more kid friendly food, so why not make it healthier without them knowing.  My first […]

Review: Cook’s Illustrated Magazine

What can I say, I love a good magazine.   Sitting in carpool sifting through the pages of  Cooks illustrated, it is made by the same people of America’s Test Kitchen show on PBS.   I am engulfed in the articles, notes from the readers and of course all the wonderful recipes.   I love the fact that […]