Bento Prep For School Year

I have been browsing the web as my kiddo cleaned her room and many people as expected are gearing up for the new school year.   I too have got to get it all together like yesterday as on the 15 is the start for one of my kiddos.

I need to get my small kitchen in shape for the morning rush and the many lunches to create. I stared by totally going through the cabinets. Since moving in a few months ago I basically just put stuff away in time to get ready for summer and kiddos being home.  Moving into a smaller kitchen has its limitations since I love to bake and bento and I need an area for all that plus snacks and food and so on and so on..  I fineally did go through bottom cabinet with so much plastic containers and odd cooking stuff.  If I have not used it in the past few months it is out of here!  So hard to part with some things. But I have to make room especially since all my bento items are on my desk. I need them in the kitchen!

I also decided I want to make a sort of bento recipe box.  With quick ideas for those days when inspiration is no where in sight.  There are so many sites to get ideas.  Why not make some idea type of box.  I will post when I make it.

Last I want to clean out fridge and freezer. Then I can start to make my bento stash. Using leftovers from dinners, package up small bento size mini meals separately so the prep work is done. I will only have to pick a few things and plop them in my bento add some fresh fruit and veg, some cute  picks and done.. Love that…

My pictures of my “AFTER” of organization of my bento gear.

Before I put them in bins I organized like objects and put into ziplock baggies. Then I put into bins.





1st bin is full of bento cutters, rice molds, egg shapers stuff to make bentos.










2nd bin is for stuff to add decoration to my bentos like picks, cute bottles, ect.










3rd bin is for all the bento boxes.  Sadly my bins do not fit into the tiny cubbords in my tiny kitchen so I had no choice but to put on top of the fridge..


Momma Says: If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it. ~Olin Miller


Bento Prep For School Year


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