Review: Cook’s Illustrated Magazine

What can I say, I love a good magazine.   Sitting in carpool sifting through the pages of  Cooks illustrated, it is made by the same people of America’s Test Kitchen show on PBS.   I am engulfed in the articles, notes from the readers and of course all the wonderful recipes. 

 I love the fact that they strive to find the BEST way to make a recipe, talking about what happened when they did this___ to  the recipe and why it failed.   I simply cannot wait to make the “Ultimate Banana Bread”, recipe from August 2010.   The testing of canned tomato and another for finding the best spatula,  how can you go wrong?   

Not to mention the front and back cover of the magazine is suitable for framing in your kitchen!   I think I might have to buy an extra just to do it, they are beautiful.   Before I new it the bell rings and the kids are pouring out of the school.   I never knew I would wish for an extra minute to sit here in carpool.   I just want to finish my Cooks Illustrated magazine!

Momma says Cooks Illustrated is the best “me time” magazine!

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