Back to School – Design Your Backpack

With school supply shopping underway, I am picking out a new backpack for my little kiddo. This task in itself is a tough one to say the least. She is a combination of girly girl and butt kickin’ tomboy.  So she of course wants a Pokemon Backpack. We tried to find one suitable last year and not one could be found. Instead we just colored over a plain red one with a home drawn picture of her and her cat. She loved it.  But deep down inside she really wants a Pokemon backpack.

Problem they don’t make them for girls… If they do I am boggled cause I have NEVER seen one. Since when is Pokemon a Boys only toy?  Have you seen Pikachu or Buneary? They are totally cutie girly Pokemon ( just to name a few- side note how scary is it that I even can whip out Pokemon names?).

So I told my kiddo find your fav Pokemon picture online and I will custom paint it for you and glitter it up and make it the best Pokemon girly backpack ever ( insert echo) in the universe!!!

First step find a picture and print out 2 copies, colored preferable but not needed if your kiddo is Poke-crazy








Next cut out the pictures from one copy










Figure out where you want them on your backpack, then outline them in pencil.









Cut up each picture into sections and then trace onto backpack to get sizes and parts right.











Paint with fabric paint the pictures white first to get crisp colors, if your backpack is colored (some areas that are lighter need 2 coats)












Paint with fabric paint and a brush, never use the dispenser to paint with it can spurt out and be a big mess and ruin your design you worked hard on. Let dry and apply second coat if needed, let dry then outline in black and then apply glitter paint on top of it to make it sparkly, OHH YEA!!











I free handed the words Pokemon on the top and added a Pokemon trainer type of girl in the image of my kiddo. She helped in picking out the colors for her outfit and accessories.  When adding the glitter paints this is a good time to let your kiddo into the action and help paint cause as long as she keeps int the lines and applies the right color glitter paint , she really cannot do wrong since it is kind transparent. Plus it will let them help and feel they did something too!



My kiddo freaked out when it was done. With many hugs and kisses and words of how I was the best Momma ever.


Reminds me of that saying:

Plain backpack, $4.00

Fabric Paint ,$7.00

Weekend painting with kiddo who thinks I am AWESOME = Pricele$$



Momma Says: If  cannot find the perfect backpack why not paint one yourself and customized to your kiddos dreams!

Back to School – Design Your Backpack

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2 Responses
  1. Krysty says:

    Love your girly Pokemon backpack idea. My 7 year old daughter LOVES Pokemon so much!!! She’s wanted a Pokemon backpack. I have a friend who designs shirts. So i’m hoping he can design/print me a girly Pokemon backpack. If not guess I’ll be making a girly Pokemon backpack myself.

    • says:

      Thanks I had to do it, they just make them for the boys so until they wake up and know girls are gamers to I guess I will be painting backpacks. Its ok though cause she loved it even more…

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