A Momma’s thoughts on Amy Winehouse

How many times now has it happened. Someone famous has died from either drugs or alcohol even the combination of the two.  We all know that too well that the people around them keep the artist happy to keep that money machine going. I feel so sorry for parents of these poor souls caught up in all that. I cannot even imagine. 

I have a hard enough time with my teen at times, add money, fame and addiction to the mix for a nice cocktail of destruction. We as a society keep empowering this form of suicide. Feeding that “fame Monster”, so that the addicts and the people who control them just keep it going until something gives. Then we call it a tragedy.

The tragedy is how we DONT stand up for it. We need to be in the face of our kids showing them the before they were addictive stars. How Drugs weather it is Alcohol and now pot are the gateway to being the next Amy Winehouse or Kurt Cobain.  Don’t even get me started on legalizing the “soft drug” marijuana… Statistics show it is a gateway. Have you even watched Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? There was a former child star few seasons ago, full on addicted to pot… If it needs to be legalized for the sick I am all for it,  go to a pharmacy and bring your real docs script, let the drug companies make sure the product is manufactured safe so if it isnt you can sue the pants off them! Not some halfway head shop every other block, seriously…

We all went to school with that kid, the pot head. He was the funny kid that half the time you pitied and hoped he straightened his stuff out.  Some people change, some never do. Even allot of us have tried a thing or two but either decided that it was not all it was cracked up to or even see it destroy friends and families of the people we love. I know I had made a conscience decision in my late teens that I didn’t want drugs in my life and the guy who I dated did not do drugs so that “party” scene is not what we did, even though he was in a band and all. I just had a grandma that I did not want to let down. I looked up to her and wanted to please her. Who do teens look up to today? It is sad, sad times.

Why doesn’t MTV or TLC (the learning channel my butt) do a show that goes over the lives and what it left behind as a weekly series? Instead we show Kate plus 8 and her paid vacations with her brewed or  Jersey Shore showing how to be indulgent and over the top without a care?  To live in the now and not think of future consequences, is this what we are teaching todays youth? ( OK I really need to breath…)

We should show our kiddos the faces  before they were drug addicted, party mentality, celebrity pics and display them after like the circus that their lives were. Let their death do some good in the wake of the tragedy of their fallen star. Sure celebrate the creative, but show the downward slide they all eventually go through. Stop the exaltation of them. Show what happens if you start the crap.  You’ll end up eventually dying form the crap now that should be on TV …  (Deep breath now)

Well since my eldest kiddo was little I always had her sit and see stories when they did air about addiction. Once in a while news shows may do something. If they did I made her sit and we would talk about it, from as soon as she could understand.  Little kiddos look at images of people who “look ugly or scary” and can put the drugs are bad together. I still make my kiddos come look at the show intervention, see what the family is going though.. If we did this with the stars that they emulate instead of just the “regular” people I think the message might hit home more for teens.

So to the fans of Amy Winehouse, I feel sorry another person of potential has slammed shut the door to another great album and I feel sorry for her family through their pain may they find peace and use her legacy to teach the next up and coming star and teach youth and future fans of her music the pitfalls of using.

I cannot even believe the before pictures! She had a beautiful figure and face was so pretty! To now an emaciated sad picture of her former self…

*photos found on web site http://drugrehabscenters.info/drug-rehab-centers/amy-winehouse-before-and-after-pictures-drugs.php

Momma Says:  May my daughter stay vain enough to never let drugs destroy her looks and life!

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  1. Kindra says:

    Amen sista! Preach it like it is! :)

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Kindra, I had to vent on that one. I am lucky my daughter has seen how ugly it makes people and she cannot even leave the house without her makeup and hair done, so I think how it turns people is a definate deturrant for her…

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