How To Fix A Wet Cell Phone

Oh my it totally worked! I screamed as my phone turned on.  I like probably so many of you have gotten my phone wet and after much yelling and being upset, thought I had to get a new one.  Well let me tell you  the answer is NO!

My mother a while ago posted to me a random post of how to fix a wet cell phone. I never having a wet cell phone issue just put it off.  Time passed and the other day we went to a pool party and put my phone in the beach bag with all our things.  Fun times happened and then it was time to leave. I cleaned up took all the things home and then realized while unpacking the bag my phone on the bottom, soaking wet. This all happened after the fact that the day before my husband did not take his phone out of the pocket of his pants and it went into the washing machine. So now I lost it cause we were out 2 phones!  What are the chances!  I was upset to say the least.

So when I told my Mom what happened she told me of the post. I tried it and 24 hours later I am texting my older kiddo telling her to be home by 5!

So no fretting, no need to go to the Pawn shops to find a new one (this I highly reccommend, I bought all our phones at a Pawn shop, got a great deal on great phones and did not spend over $40 for even a touch screen!).

Here’s what you do

1. Immediately take out battery and Sim card

2. obviously wipe off as much water as you can

3. place all parts into a plastic bag

4. completely cover with uncooked white rice

Let the parts all sit in the rice for at least 24 hours. Then put it together and charge it up.  At first I did not see any charge happening so I left it charged overnight when I went to bed. Woke up next morning to a full battery and my phone working!

*never ever put your cell phone in the oven to try to dry it out, if something was to happen and you could breath the plastic fumes and who knows what else!

Momma Says: Simple things can produce the best results, even in our tech age!

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