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So with the busy summer upon us I don’t have the time to make bento lunches, makes me sad :(   ….  I try do get some craft time in but it seems we are always on the go.  I have to set a date maybe like Tuesday to be our craft day.  I like that idea.. HMM..

Well until then I try to make some things fun with food when I can.  The other night we ate our fun kid version of  chicken parmesan.  What did I mean by kid version?  Well we used shaped chicken for the chicken parmesan.  Of course that right there made the dinner more exciting for my kiddo.  You can easily do this at home yourself but we had the Tyson Dino chicken.  Then I decorated the plates with food to make it look fancy.  Kiddos can have fun doing this and making dinner special for Daddy when he comes home from work.  We also made together dessert (of course forgot to take picture), the dessert was strawberry shortcake,  That is easy enough and my kiddo had a good time slicing up the fruit and adding sugar in the bowl.  She was very excited by dinner that the berries had made a simple syrup like magic!  It is a good idea to get the kiddos not afraid to use knives and utensils in the kitchen (of course knives are either “butter knives” or if using sharp under parent supervision- Did I even need to say it?).

*Picture of our Chicken parmesan, with Tyson Dino Chicken (love Tyson Brand-No hormones) pasta, sauce (gravy for my Chi-town family and friends), broccoli slaw salad (hello can I get an AMEN up in here for broccoli slaw, kiddos dont have any idea what they are eating!  Also peas in the pod, olives and tomato.

One of my biggest mistakes is with my oldest kiddo, who is know a teen and too cool for anything.  My mistake is not having her help with actual meals. Sure she helped with making cookies and cakes, but actually cooking and chopping, no.  She was always scared of the knives and stove so I like I thought I was being protective, said its ok honey… BIG MISTAKE.. I now have a teen who hates to cook.  I do force her during the holidays when I make a turkey to pull the guts in the bag out and also make her do all the cleaning and dressing of the turkey. I still put it in the oven for her though, sigh… So since my kiddos are so far apart in age, I am different with my little one.

The nearby William Sonoma store has classes and so does the nearby pro cook equipment store I might just sign up the two of us (teen & I) to a cutlery use class. That way since teen kiddo thinks I dont know squat she can get help overcoming her knife fears with a pro.. Plus I can maybe improve some skills myself. 

Back to my original idea here… The chicken parmesan dinner was great fun.  We  made the table all fancy and had the food looking just right. When Daddy came home from work he was very pleased and she was proud.  Her biggest thrill was putting the dessert together, who does not like to use Reddi Wip cream in a can.  She decorated the shortcake with berries and cream the of course sprayed a big mouthful of cream for herself.. Fun time!

Momma says: Funny Quote for today  :) … As a child my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it. ~Buddy Hackett

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