Craft Jewerly: Bottle Cap Necklace

When hanging at the mall with the kiddos one day we went into the popular little kiddo store that is like girl heaven, with price tags that are not Mommy heaven. This place is where she loves to go you can get little toys, the latest cool clothes and shoes.  They also sell jewelry and near checkout they have the cool stuff for that impulse buy that makes your little one at the last minute go PLEASE MOM!

Well they sell these cute necklaces that are made from bottle caps. The bottle cap is on a simple necklace but the bottle cap has a cool picture in it of a kitten or whatever. Upon seeing them I thought note to self I can totally do this one. So I told her not today and left it at that. When we left I told her we can make our own. She was amazed to think this, “really Momma, you know how” ? Totally and you can pick whatever you want to be in it , I said.  Her eyes got big and then “Even Pokemon”? Yes, even Pokemon.

You could get really elaborate and get jewelry clips and chains for necklaces, but this had to be “Kiddo Friendly” and something SHE can make. Plus I am always worried of the whole yea go play with that thing around your neck. I know I am weird and the chances of her really hanging or choking from a necklace are slim to none. But, what can I say my mind goes there.  I needed a more safer necklace.

So we went to Hobby Lobby to offer it up to the GODS OF CRAFT. I absolutely Love this store.  They sell these rubbery necklaces called Silkies by stretch magic. The were perfect and it has a clasp that pulls apart if to take it on and off. Plus it would probably snap if she was to get into a situation where she caught it on something and was in trouble.  YEA, found my solution.

We next purchased some stickers, we already had Pokemon. She picked out kittens and then some My Little Pony. I also while browsing saw this stuff made by Plaid,the makers of MOD PODGE (which I was originally going to use to seal over the stickers) this other kind was  Dimensional Magic. Give it an almost acrylic seal.  Cool. It was the most pricey thing I bought for this craft about 5 bucks.  The necklaces where a package of three for only a couple bucks called Silkies and the stickers were also a couple bucks.  I could have just printed out pictures and not bought stickers but we have not ink in our printer.. Don’t want to go there, or my hubby will get hurt when I am done posting…

I already had some round discs of self sticking Velcro tabs (found at dollar store), bottle caps, glitters and craft glue in my craft stash. Hobby Lobby did sell bottle caps in the scrapbooking embellishments isle. So I did not need to get those.  If you did not have these items I am using in your stash already and were to purchase it all, you would probably spend about 20 bucks. But the necklaces run about 15.00 in the stores and online. But you will only get 3 bottle caps. My way you get 24 caps and 3 necklaces!! Way better, plus kiddo gets the honor of saying she made them.

Steps me and my Kiddo took to make our bottle cap necklaces.

Items needed:

scissors or circle craft punch, acid safe craft glue, Mod Podge, bottle caps, small Velcro discs (about size of bottlecap), stickers or pictures with small images, Silkies necklaces (or ribbon,I even used a dollar store headband necklace), glitter glues (acid free), small craft paint brushes (or q-tip or fingers work well too)

1. First she punched out the pictures from her Pokemon cards and put her stickers on card stock and punched them out with a circle punch that fits bottle caps (I scrapbook so I had this already, you can always trace and cut smaller than the cap with scissors).

2. Pull out the rubber seal inside the bottle cap. This is a definite Momma job to do it is kinda tricky. I used a safety pin to pull lit up first then I just used my fingers to grab it an tug it off. Place a disc of the SOFT side of Velcro on back of bottle cap.

3. Apply a craft glue (I suggest using an acid free/scrapbooking glue) to backside of picture they punched out. You can have them smear it with either their fingers or a q-tip if you don’t have a little brush.

4. Place picture into bottle cap and smooth out and into all the edges. Let dry.

5. Place Velcro discs to necklace, Put the necklace flat on table as it would lay on their neck. Pick up center where you want cap to be and place one side (soft) of Velcro disk under.

Place thin rubber necklace in middle of disc. Then take the other side of disk (prickly) and put it on top to sandwich the necklace in the middle.  ( reinforced some with craft glue to help bond).

*the soft side will be what touches the skin, the prickly side will be what attaches bottle cap*

6. You can have your kiddo embellish the picture inside the bottle cap, using little tiny rhinestones or glitter.

7. Apply Mod Podge (regular if you like it is cheap and you get a bigger bottle, it also comes in a shiny finish, This was my original plan but I bought the fancy Dimensional jewelry kind) This will seal the picture and keep it looking nice . Let that dry.

*the jewelry dimensional magic Mode Podge was tricky to use be careful not to get any air bubbles cause they will ruin the picture*

Plus if you use the Dimensional Magic it should be done by Momma cause of the whole mess and all that could result and you kinda have to do it nicely. 

Next time I would just use regular Mod Podge so kiddo can just paint it on herself and it would be done faster.

Plus the Dimensional took overnight to dry (not 3 hours like it said)! What kiddo wants to wait overnight :(

8. When all is dry they can then swap out bottle caps to their hearts desire.

You can also make it cheaper by using ribbon for the necklace and making it more of a choker necklace but my kiddo hates anything tight on her neck so her necklace is longer. I like that I used Velcro unlike the magnetic ones I know she will not loose it cause Velcro is strong!  Sure you can do the whole magnet  it lays flatter, Looks more like the store bought ones, but that would add alot in cost and this was way cheaper and she still thinks it is AWESOME!

Momma Says: Inspire their mind with crafts let the kiddo create the outcome how they want it to look, get their creative juices flowing. Most important display their works, wear the jewelry they make you! Nothing of gold is more precious than that made with their little hands for you.

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  1. Jenn says:

    What a fun craft! I’ve been wanting to try these!

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