Quick Bunny Bento

Posting some bento’s from when we moved that I quick did and snapped a pic. They are still cute even done very quickly. Just goes to show that you dont need to do elaborate bentos every day. Just by adding a cute cut-out and maybe a cute pick can still make it look fun enough that kiddos will love it. 

It totally helps if you have some items already “pre-cut shapes”. I have a bag in which I store cut out veggies so that I can quickly add some carrot flowers.  I also pre cut some egg sheets (see my recipe) that I keep in the freezer separated in plastic wrap.  This all works great for those times when you dont have time in the day to cut stuff up. Just grab and go!

This bento was using the two tier bento.  Top for snack time and bottom for lunch. Hopefully she wont eat it all at once ;P

On the bottom I used some leftover lime and chili wings from dinner the night before, con on the cob, big fat noodles cooked with butter salt and a little parmesan cheese, carrot cut out flower, tomato and a cute lion fork pick hiding in the noodles.


The top half I told her to eat at snack time.  I used some egg sheet cut out of a bunny (check out my recipe), bunny is sitting on top of a slice of cheese on top of a small slice of bread, some wonderful sweet strawberries, and  little heart marshmallows.




My kiddo loves marshmallows and anything bunny so I know her snack will be the best part of this bento for her.

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