Heart Sausage Bento

I am posting some bentos that I made the last 2 weeks my kiddo had school but due to moving I never had a chance to post.

This one is the first time I think I used sausage to make  a heart.  It is simpler than you can think. Just get a small sausage cooked. then cut on the diagonal then flip the ends matching the longer point of the diagonal cut and use either a piece of uncooked spaghetti or a cute food pick if your kiddo is old enough and put the halves together. If using pick or spaghetti make sure you tell kiddo so they don’t put the pick in their mouth.  Obviously spaghetti is edible but it is hard.

 Also in bento with the heart sausage is a broccoli piece, under heart is a piece of celery,chicken nuggets, Kiwi, meat cut into flower with bean leaves, flower carrots, tomato and yellow baby carrots.

Simple and not too much fuss to make ;)

There are alot of sites that have many cool tips on carving up food. One I found is  http://garnishfood.blogspot.com/ This chick if from Russia and does some beautiful work!  I wish I was so talented. Oh well until then here is her picture on how to cut the sausage to make a heart…..

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