GF products where are you?

Since I am still a little new about buying gluten free items on the store shelves, seems like not alot of brands will list on front of packages that they are gluten free. Some stores barely have a GF or organic section, though some make an attempt. In the end a store shopping session can take forever if you have to read all the labels in the store of all the things you want to buy for your family. Well the store King Soopers has made it very easy for newbie GF people to find and compare items. I just love the way they have stuff throughout the store marked with a special label on the shelf to make finding GF items a breeze, not to mention they also have sections dedicated to GF/organic foods. When the manager who was friendly person asked if I was finding all I needed, I told him how much easier it is to shop at this store compared to others due to the nice signage, he said hold on I have a list for you. He then went to the service desk and brought me a handout printed with all the items in the store that was gluten free! I was shocked at such customer consideration.  In a time when stores look at you just like a dollar sign walking by and don’t care about true customer satisfaction, King Soopers rises up above to save the day.

Momma says King Sooper reigns over other markets

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