Apple Cake Balls

End of the school year is here!  My kiddo is going to officially be a 3rd grader!  My heart cries no, this happened way to fast for me!

Ok so I had to go out with a bang for her class treat.  As you know if you have read past blogs. I love the cute food. and since I discovered how fun it is to make cake balls, I make them for any occation that I can. I of course am totally inspired by the book Cake Pops, by Bakerella. Her designs are cute and all but you can also get the info online. So though her book is fresh spin it is not something no one has previously done. She just does is SO well :)

So I decorated my own version and made into apples for my little kiddo’s last day.  See previous post for how to make cake balls.

As for decoration I used  Wilton Red melting candy (tastes chocolaty yummy), sprinkle shape leaves bought at craft store durring the fall, red sugar sprinkle for some sparkle (who dones not like that) and pretzle sticks for the apple stem. The inside I decided to use strawberry cake mix and strawberry icing.  Yea I should have used apple flavored cake. But, I had this in stock and used it…Plus they are all 8yr olds. They will be happy just to get the treat…

Side note the kiddos loved them! Should have made more to pass out extras to the office ladies.  Oopps ;P

Momma Says: Wishing these were the ones that would be good once a day to keep the Doctor away. Oh well at least the chocolate can keep you mentally stable.






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  1. Kindra says:

    ooo, cute, I have to make these!

    • admin says:

      They are definatly worth the effort. The possibilites are endless. I read online of one person who uses donought holes that you can buy at the supermarket. In a pinch I think it would be cool, but the original recipe you must mix cake mix with frosting to shape balls. They get this nice texture not to cakey just smoother. I will try the donought one day I am sure for ease..I feel like Homer Simpson MMMM donoughts MMMMM!

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