Meal Planning For Dummies

I am not sure if they actually have one of these books for meal planning. I know I have seen those “For Dummies” on a whole slew of subjects. I have even purchased some myself.  In my home I usually go by what is on sale and plan some meals around that. Sometimes it is what am I craving this week. Holidays always make it easier to decide what to make, old stand bys or traditional.

One thing I have learned that you cannot please everyone all the time. Though when I pick something that is not one of the kiddo’s faves but one of mine they are pretty good about just chuckin it down.  I am not one of those Mom’s who say they have to clear the plate.  That just makes for a pleasant dinner of more bickering as they force down every bite.  I have many memories of sitting at the table long after everyone was all done and I stared down a piece of liver, knowing very well that it will never pass my lips. My Moms answer was put some bread on it and make a sandwich. Thus I am now scarred with the nightmares of a beet sandwich..

My deal is just eat half of everything. That way I know they got to try it and who knows maybe after a few bites they can decide if it is really that bad.  It works in my house. Plus they can still get desert so the incentive is there. If they dont try at least half, guess what you eat nothing else the rest of the night. No kid will starve without missing a meal. They all tried it once. Woke up very hungry. Never tested me on it again. Not to say there is no sigh on their part when I make fish.  They just know eat half. Plus I dont usually give monsterous portions. Plus I dont make odd food like Liver and beets. We need to be real here..I get it not very kid-friendly on that one..

If anyone has a web site they love that helps out in the kitchen ya gotta let me know. I just love our online way of doing things now.

A while ago my sister in law turned me on to a site . It got me to thinking as I typed in some of my recipes. Why not just let them each pick out a meal. So Daddy gets something, the two kiddos, Me. That is four nights that we know it will be something pretty much will go over well. We usually have a day of leftovers, that makes five. The weekends are usually one night out and nice Sunday dinner. Sunday of course will be what Momma decides. 

The reason I like the website is not only can you store your fave recipes. You can plan out the week, heck even the whole month of meals. Print it out. Even print out shopping list.  I am sure there are many other meal planning web sites. I know there are some really good recipe sites also. I loved a site called they were bought by So you can no longer go to recipezarr. But, I now will use   because of the huge list of  recipes. I personally prefer the former format but oh well.

At first it is a challenge to input all your recipes.  You just have to find the time, a little here and there. Once you do Life gets so easy!. Plus if you don’t have a big file of your fave recipes they also have a decent amount of input from other users. I personally like the fact that I can keep my recipes private if I want.  You can also choose to share with the community also if you like.  Due to copy infringements I keep my faves from cookbooks private.  Now I have after months, I have a pretty large file online of my recipes. Mostly private. So sorry gals.

With the majority online I have some peace knowing if I ever lost a recipe hard copy. I still have it online.  I was also thinking that online storage of my recipes will one day make a convenient cookbook to print out. What a cool way to give family recipes at a reunion. Even better when my teen moves out for college.  Then she can sit down and read the recipe of the fish I used to make her sit at the table and eat. But only eat just half of……..

Momma Says:

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.  ~Tenneva Jordan (Been there, done that)


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  1. Kindra says:

    Still use this site…love it!

    • admin says:

      It is a great help. Thanks for turning me to it. I cannot believe I fineally uploaded so many of my recipes, I am close to done.

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