Thankful: My Mothers Day Special Surprise

Mothers Day is a day we of course say thanks to our Mom’s. For all they have done. Unappreciated things that we look over and they just sigh, for all the going without so you can have and of course the undying love that Momma has for her babies.

The past few years my family has had some ups and downs. Sign of the times it seems. As a Momma I try to keep it positive. That’s what we do. We suck it all up. We compensate for it all. I know I have tried to make it all good.

Mothers Day is a reminder to me. It is a reminder of what matters. I don’t need to be taken to a fancy restaurant or given diamonds and pearls. I would much rather have something made by my little ones. They have grown up knowing this. Something bought is nice, but if it came from the heart I love it.  In the past my daughters have made me home movies. Sang and Danced for me. Of course made me cards.

I really think we need to raise our kids that money does not imply love. It is what you can do to make someone feel loved.  Something genuinely made just for me has no price.  Weather it is a cookie on a plate or a pony beaded kiddie bracelet. I have worn many with pride.

This year my little one knew I was a little ragged since moving and still unpacking. I asked everyone if I can get a little nap for 30 min. I usually don’t play the give me my time card. But in this instance I just needed a nap. 

I awoke to my little kiddo saying “Momma I made you something”. Usually this can strike fear into me on how my hubby was maybe not watching her in the kitchen.  But, all was well.

She had a huge smile and a bowl in hand. I asked her what was in the bowl? She said ” I heard you say you had a taste for fruit salad earlier, so I made you one, Happy Mothers Day”.  I said, “I did not think anyone heard me?  It looks wonderful, can we share it?”  Her face with a big grin with pride of what she had done she said “yes that would be great.”   “Are you happy I made it for you?”  “Yes” I replied. “Your my sweet Baby, I love how you think of me”. Then we sat and ate the shredded lettuce, with strawberries, cutie oranges and cut apples.

After we were done she gave me my old trophy from when I was little that got broken during our move. My older daughter had it and did not pack it well. I had thrown it in a box. When she asked me about it. I just told how it was old and now broken and I was just going to toss it.

Well to my surprise she took it out of the garbage and with masking tape taped it all back together. She must have done this in secret the other day as I had taken out the trash.  She gave me my trophy with a smile saying how she wanted to fix it for me since it was a trophy.  With that I held back tears.  I just love  the thoughtfulness of her.   I keep that trophy all taped up not as the symbol of what it originally meant but as a token of love and how I am a winner. Winner for having such a great kid. 

Being a Mom is a blessing. That is all I ever wanted to be. Thoughts of some big career life with the big bucks rolling in just never seemed important to me once I found out I was pregnant. Something in me just changed forever.  Though times I don’t feel like I am the best I can be.  It is nice to know someone thinks I need a trophy.

Momma Says: You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around – and why his parents will always wave back. ~William D. Tammeus

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