Recipe: Colored Egg Sheets for Spring Chick Bento

 I allways wondered how people were making eggs and cutting them into shapes or using them to wrap other food into.  the possibilites are boundless of the types of bento you can create! So after several attempts on my own I searched out the perfect recipe so my bentos can even get more complex for me in the morning, LOL!

I found basic recipe in one of my new books, but after looking on the web alot of people strain the beaten egg, that way you dont get the white patches in the egg like I did. Darn that is a good thing to know, but whatever.  I am not using these sheets to wrap up, just to use my cookie cutters into and make some cutie Spring cut outs!

I made so many at once because egg freezes well. Also cooked egg can keep for a week in the fridge! So I cut and cut and planned out many bento designs.  I then layed each design onto plastic wrap (cooled egg of course) wrapped them up and put the “packets” of designs into a freezer bag for later use! I froze them and kept some in the fridge. 

The colors I used were from a natural vegetable dye not the  normal store bought food coloring. That is why my pink (tried for red) and blue are very pastel.  Since I seperated the egg white from the yoke, the remaining yokes I cooked to make a wonderful yellow. I used a whole egg plus the “red” natural dye to make the brown color egg sheet. I so want to use my regular food coloring, but I have Mommy guilt cause I really want to use organic foods for my kiddos. Plus I hear how red food coloring is bad for health of kiddos especially ones with any focusing issues. AARRGGH! also check out  if I havent scared you enough check out this one

Recipe for egg sheets from I personally omitted the sugar she uses and also used egg whites for the colored sheets.

So here is my Spring  Chick Bento!  She is on top of some GF Pizza left overs.

I also used my cutouts for the cucumber flowers, cherry tomato with leaf pick, egg and veg crustless quiche and turkey flower with pea pod leaves.

Momma Says:

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  1. Brandi says:

    Ooohh! I can’t wait to try this! I love your idea of making ahead and freezing. I’m on it next week so the school year can start off less hectic! Thanks! What a great site!

    • says:

      Thanks Brandi, It sure comes in handy. I try to freeze as many things as I can in little ammounts to make easy pop ins for my bentos :)

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