Spring Time Bento!

I love spring. Not to warm and not too cold here in Colorado. You cannot totally put away your winter clothes because we can get a snowfall up to Mothers Day!. Best thing though the snow melts in 24 hours usually and the next day could be in the high 60 to low 70’s! Crazy, I know…

 My bentos have been a little on the quick side since were still packing but I found some easy ways to make them still.

One of my new toys is a sandwich maker. You can buy them online, I bought mine at Wal*&^%.. Dare I say the name… I prefer not to shop there but sometimes I get sucked in… GRRRRRR

You basically put the bread in fill it with something push it down and it crimps the edge and cuts the crust. Mine was found in the bread isle and has the words “Wonder Bread” on it.  My bread was slightly more dry so it looks a little cracky, easy fix is to supposedly put in the microwave for a few seconds before putting in the little cookie cutter type contraption. I try not to microwave stuff unless I have to.. My Mom has my brain fixed on how it changes food and makes it bad.  I will have to research that sometime…

I also used stencils used for decorating cupcakes and such made by Paula Dean. I purchased a cute spring time pack for a buck at Michaels craft store.  The stencil made a cute cocoa powder butterfly on top of the sandwich.

The next few pictures shows off the bentos from last week…

I used the Wilton food decorating pens on top of her organic pop-tart as a quick fix for her snack. The pens only seem to work well on dry hard type icing. They fail on writing on ANYTHING else. I just bought a competitor brand of edible pens I will be doing a test and blog on it soon.

I used my favorite new chisel food carving tools to put a design into her apple with flowers and butterflies- She loved it. Of course so it did not turn gross brown I dipped in orange juice and it will stay fresh for her.

Ok I know we like to give her GF foods, I just have not found a GF pop-tart. Hey it’s organic!! Unless I decide to make it from scratch, I will give this type of organic brand to her once in a while. She can have gluten it is just she is sensitive to it. If eaten alot in one sitting she gets symptoms. Plus I found a great pill at whole foods that I give her in the morning if I know she will be eating gluten and it really seems to help her tummy! YEA! I dont abuse it though.. Only if she really wants something that is not GF and I bend… Its hard to be a GF kid :(

On the top tray I covered some leftover fried rice with an egg sheet. I cut out some cheese chicks and a salami Momma bird with cheese hearts, again I tried using the Wilton food pens to color the hearts, it was painfull and I basically had to rub the coloring around with my fingers to get it to cover. ARRGHH!

Went to Costco and got some gorgeous strawberries and blackberries. They were to big and tasty! I had to cut up the strawberries to get them to fit into the bento!




 Quick and easy bento with some rice balls with cheese and meat flowers on top and chicken with a froggie to brighten my little ones day.

Her favorite fruits in the bottom bento with a happy hamster eating a fruit too!

I love the rice balls and so does she. You can leave them plain or fill the middle with some meats or veg. This makes it so good and filling for her lunch.  Check out my recipe for sticky rice if you need help in making it.

There is something inside that makes me feel so good knowing that I can make her these lunches and she really enjoys it. I try to buy organic whenever possible.  But I know I cannot afford to make it possible in all things. I use alot of fruit, veg, rice and egg since that is what she likes and you can do alot with those.

Not too much longer until the move so I will be happy soon. I will then be able to focus more on crafts which I miss doing and other things so I can blog about other things instead of just her bento lunches…

Momma Says: Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.  – Hafiz of Persia

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